Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Bonus Entry

Three things I never thought I'd see on our land in 2014: Bulldozers, Port-a-potty and SNOW....
Yeah, I'm eating my words a little on this New Year's Eve. But this is the kind of thing I'm happy to be wrong about! 

I wasn't going to post today as yesterday was the final posting of 2014, but Wickenburg received heavy snow. This isn't just your "hey, that looks like a snowflake that just turned into a raindrop..." type of snow, but actual heavy sticking-to-the-ground snow. It was pretty wild. And beautiful. Huge flakes coming down!

I took a few videos, but the one I put on YouTube was the one at our land. 
 Click Here to view

I must say, the roads in town were "interesting" trying to get to the other side where the house is being built. It was definitely a wintery type of navigation. I never thought I'd see anything like it.  Of course that problem didn't last, and once it stopped snowing, the roads looked wet as if it just rained and there was no more snow in the road. 

Anyway, more photos were taken, but it's time to head out for fun with friends tonight. It's awesome that it actually feels like a real winter on New Years Eve. 

Perfect way to end 2014! 

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