Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas, Costco and Chaos...

Yes, I know I said the next entry will contain pictures from our little groundbreaking. And I will do that. It just won't be in this post. 

Projects and a lot of Christmas orders on my plate have been kicking me in the keester. Hey, it's a good problem to have. I'm not complaining. I just wish there were more hours in a day, that's all. 

And I should be more disciplined  on making it to bed earlier. I really pay for it the next morning. 

This photo of these ornaments don't even begin to scratch the surface of how many different directions I've been going this week. But at least I have this visual aid. I do like how the Jack Skellington ornament turned out, however. I was a little worried about how I could put him on the ornament as per the request from the customer. I think it worked out nicely.

Meanwhile, running around town, taking kids to and from places have taken their toll this week too. Let's just say that a Costco in December in a Snowbird heavy area (Snowbirds/Winter Visitors definition: The lucky boneheads that don't have to brave the summers here like the rest of us...) is bad enough. Then add an almost 4 year old screaming "I want pizza!" at the top of his lungs in the bathroom while you're trying to pee and it just might drive one over the edge. And I didn't even include the account of what happened at the post office and print shop before the Costco adventure. 

 Let's just leave it at that. I don't want to re-live it again.

No, Alexander didn't get pizza. There was some leftover Kneaders French Toast in the car anyway (if anything is going to ensure the American obesity epidemic continues, it's that french, it is wonderful stuff...)

At least he fell asleep on the journey back home.  

Time to go bed. Not early enough as usual...

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