Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10 Things...

Sunday Doodle May 25, 2014
We Need Humor in All Things
My fitness guru Facebook friend Marsha likes to post fun questions in between motivational quotes and adorable pictures of her dogs. Today, she posted, "Whats your favorite movie quote?" I didn't have to think very hard.  Since I've been more emotional lately with the impending move and "change" and all, comedy lines, scenes and clips come to mind. I need the humor and grab it when I can!

Oh, there are many favorite hilarious quotes. But my top one comes from the character of Jack (Donal Logue) in the film, Just Like Heaven. Reese Witherspoon, who plays Elizabeth, is in a coma and only David (Mark Ruffalo) can see her 'spirit'. David convinces Jack to help him steal her comatose body from the hospital because the doctors are going to pull the plug and she'll unfortunately pass away. 

As they're preparing for the heist, Elizabeth tells David to thank Jack for his help. When he does, Jack replies, "I'm not doing this for you..." David then asks, "Then why are you doing this?" Jack replies, "Because someday, trust me, I'm going to need help moving a body. And when that day comes, I don't want to hear any sh*t from you!" 

Yeah, that's my favorite line. The timing, humor and attitude behind it is just perfection. That kind of movie could easily turn overly sappy and difficult to take emotionally, but the comedic relief saves it. Then when the tears did come, it wasn't too painful. Of course there's a happy ending. And yes, I am biased with the movie title and Cure version of Just Like Heaven used in the closing credits. What can I say?

I'm also wuss when it comes to movies. Sure, there are some serious ones that have slipped through my tough screening process. But most of the time, I steer clear of anything that can scar me for life. I still can't watch E.T. I saw it in the theaters when I was 7 and I never want to see it again. I cried for the rest of the day. 

Go ahead and make fun of me. It wouldn't be the first time.

Plus, for me, movies are something that should be entertaining and stress relieving. Why feel stressed, freaked out and traumatized? It's not for me.

That's probably why this is one of my favorite lines as well from the film Ten Things I Hate About You: "Maybe if we were the last people alive and there are no sheep...  Are there sheep?" 

I know, my maturity level is low tonight, but this is the kind of humor that I require most of the time. Especially right now. But yes, appreciating this kind of humor is also a side effect from teaching junior high and high school. I also looked at a funny entry on a blog titled "The Dad Letters" titled 10 Things You Should Know About Your Teacher, and #5 had me laughing (and feeling better about my mind and loving movie scenes like Are There Sheep?):

5. They have dirty minds.
This one is your fault. When you can’t stop giggling for 45 minutes just because a story starts on page 69, or when you use words that force your teacher to make multiple daily trips to, you sort of force them to think on your level. Teachers are trained to recognize and help students stay away from potentially risque scenarios as well, so our dirty minds have us assuming the worst at every turn.

Along with seeking humor, I've been trying to work through the emotions of our upcoming move and stress of the house on our land not being started yet by having a creative "leap of faith". Well, more like "baby steps", but it's something. Last Friday evening I began to make the design of the house numbers that will go on the mailbox/entrance area on the street. Sure, there isn't a house built there yet or even stakes in the ground, but we do own the land. Therefore, I think this leap of faith is a good one. 

I also see the silver lining in this stress: We do own the land. I am grateful for that. I just wish the process of starting this house and getting proverbial shovels in the ground is as simple as buying the land was. Oh, don't get me wrong. It wasn't a perfect quick endeavor. We even lost it to another buyer at first. But compared to this process of getting the house built, it was certainly much easier.

Where was I? Oh, right. The house number project. So last week Chris talked about going out to dinner that Friday evening and seeing a goofy movie in the cheap theaters (not a movie worth speaking me...just something to watch that wasn't too serious for the reasons mentioned above and more...). Knowing that it wouldn't be until close to 7 if I tried to meet Chris anywhere for dinner (due to his schedule and long commute time), I suggested I leave the house early and head to the ceramic place and start the tile art. Then he could meet me there with sandwiches or hamburgers. We'd eat and hang out as I finished up two of the four tiles. After that, we would go to the movie. 

It worked out perfectly. It was therapeutic in that I could first chill by myself working on the design while feeling like I was doing something productive for the next chapter in our lives. Combine that with Chris joining me there for our date, and it was a nice evening.
Two of the house numbers, pre-fired:

And after they were picked up today, out of the kiln:
I have reminded myself to count my blessings. Since "10 Things" was in the title of a funny movie clip I shared and the teacher blog I referenced, I figured this was a perfect time to not only remember the things I'm thankful, but share a list of ten of them. Of course there are many more.

I already mentioned that I'm grateful that we own the land despite this stressful process, so I'll start with #2:

2. The opportunity and ability to stay at home these last few years. Granted, it's challenging for me, as my stubborn feminist side wants to be independent and "contribute" and "conquer the world". But at the same time, with education being such a tough field - especially in this inept state we live in - I'm grateful for this period I've been able to take a break from it. 

3.  My husband's job. It's a blessing within itself. People ask me, "If you hate AZ so much...why don't you move?" Easy. Chris's job is a wonderful blessing and great fit for him. Leaving that would not be a smart move. We went through 4 job losses between 2000-2004 and that alone has given us enough perspective to be so grateful for Chris's job. I just wish God didn't hate me so much and make our "blessings" have be happening here in hell. But don't get me wrong - I am grateful for his job and that blessing.

4.  My supportive husband. He encourages my pursuits and creativity. Sometimes he just tolerates them! lol He's also not too hard on me for being the kind of wife that often neglects to have dinner cooked (or even a dinner "plan" for that matter) and the kind of domestic organization that other wives tend to have without trying.

5. The health and well-being of my children. Sure, they drive me nuts. But they're healthy and doing well. I am grateful for that blessing everyday. 

6. The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the gift of His Atonement in my life. It makes so much sense. Sure, fellow humans are fallible as we make each other crazy trying to follow these paths through life. On that road through life we cut each other off, flip each other off, crash into each other, and speed by each other. However, with the Gospel as a road-map and promised destination, I know it'll all turn out okay as long as we keep our eye on our ultimate destination.

7. If I haven't made it clear already, I'm grateful for humor. It's as essential as breathing. 

8. Selfishly, I'm grateful to have been born in a time with modern conveniences such as Air Conditioning, Microwaves and the technology we do have. Yet, I'm grateful I was born early enough to appreciate that that there is more to life than a fast Internet connection and having the latest mobile device (but don't try telling that to Christian).

9.  I am grateful for my ward, little Stonecrest Ward. I say little because in our subdivision/community alone, there are three wards. Usually that type of LDS density has me rolling my eyes. Okay, it does anyway. I do prefer more diversity (which we will get in Wickenburg, but that's not why we're moving there), BUT...I've been so grateful for the dynamics of our ward. It's such a wonderful fit and I am going to be so sad to leave it. Maybe I should wish I wasn't so grateful for it, so it would be easier to leave! haha

10. Pictures. I know I'm like my kids' annoying personal paparazzi reporter following them around. But I want to remember things. It's so easy for memories to fade or for us to forget the little things. Pictures help us hang on to those little things as time moves on. 

And because it's cute, and to prove my point about the "little things" here's a picture of Alexander a couple of weeks ago with his shark hat he made at Circle Time:
Shark Boy, Ooh Ha Ha!
As usual, I'm up way too late. 

So until next time...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Flashback Friday Funk

Boy, this has been hard. 

I'm in a "funk" with feeling overwhelmed with moving, and with Christian and Mikelle finishing the school year officially yesterday, the hardcore emotions are really setting in. They have finished their final academic year in this wonderful school district. 

I'm especially having a hard time with Christian leaving the wonderful accommodations our district has done for him with his social skills, speech therapy, the gifted program, and all the other wonderful things I failed to mention. Without such top notch assistance, I can see how he could have struggled in so many areas. However, we were in the perfect place for him.

I also made the mistake of attempting to organize photos again, and that's just a bad idea even though it has to be done. I found a snapshot of my family at Slide Rock (in Oak Creek Canyon) in the mid-80s, and then again in 1993. The "Slide Fire" is burning up there right now (it started near Slide Rock), and between worry about the containment and the safety of the firefighters (thinking of the Yarnell Hill tragedy last June), along with all these overwhelming feelings about moving, my emotions are all over the place.  

Some of the actual tears even began today.

My sister Rebecca, who was 12 at the time, was there too. I remember! For some reason, these were the particular snapshots that I found. Maybe she took the pictures - I don't know. Therefore, to make sure it is clear she's not being left out intentionally, I made sure to add her.
Moi - Age 18
Jill, Kariann (9), and Becca (12)

Kariann (9)
Chad (16), Kariann and Becca
Then I find snapshots of when Chris graduated from high school, more snapshots of myself in high school, and just random pictures here and there.  I do not like posting pictures from high school because my hair was a disaster pretty much until my senior year. Sure, senior year I was still doing the perm thing (that would still last about 2 more unfortunate years), but my tresses were certainly not the disaster they were the years prior. 

Oh, to move out of the awkward stages....always a nice thing.

Mom and Jill - April 7, 1993
The one on the left is April of senior year, just before I turned 18. We were celebrating my Mom's birthday. The picture on the right is from senior prom. I wouldn't have a problem showing my friend Jared in the photo (whom I went with) if he didn't choose such a crazy weird vest. I loved that dress. I loved it so much I used that style for my bridesmaids later.
The peak of Good Hair Days in those awkward teen years - Senior Prom - May 1993
Yeah, all this progress towards moving is certainly not going to be had going through pictures. But they have to be organized. I'm certainly not going to throw them in a box and move them that way.  

Art Update
It's been slow on the art front. This is the most recent tribute art I completed. I am also finishing one as a graduation gift for a cousin. 

I also have some projects and ideas I would love to tackle since I have no custom orders at the moment, but that's not happening due to the "funk" I'm in with moving and how overwhelmed I feel. 

I'm crossing my fingers for more custom orders because that's the one thing that'll help me not think of all these other things. I can lose myself in the artwork for someone else.

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Fog

Sunday Doodle 5/19/14
I admit I am having trouble moving along lately, due to a lingering cough and "fog" in my head leftover from whatever I had last week. 

Chris and I went to Wickenburg yesterday to check out the rental house and have a friend of his from work look at the A/C unit. And we also registered Christian and Mikelle for school in August. 

I am feeling overwhelmed at what we need to do to move by July, and worried about the small space we'll still have in the rental house.  

And the elephant in the room - getting the damn house started. 

When I see a shovel in the ground, I'll believe it is actually happening. That's an additional "fog" around me.  Fog of Doubt. I'm letting it get me down.

I'm also finding myself more and more sad about moving and the friends we'll leave behind. I didn't think I would be struggling like this. I knew I would have some trouble, but this is more than I expected. I've been more than impatient to pick up and leave, but now I feel so much more trepidation about it. It's another fog that keeps blocking my view.

I'm trying not to allow myself to get too down in the dumps. At least I plan to pick up my running and exercise regime tomorrow - after a 9 day interruption. I hope that'll help with these fogs and blues. If I could just get up the motivation to pack more things and organize, I know that would also help.
In the would be nice for these fogs to lift...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Other Side?

Wow...I feel like I'm crawling out of a hole and looking around at the world and going, "Oh! This is what it looks like!"

 The last five days have been horrible. I caught whatever Christian and Mikelle had, but it hit me even harder. I had a high fever, horrible sore throat, and aches all over. And anything cold that touched my skin hurt terribly (so don't get me started on the cold toilet seat and my butt cheeks...)

I don't think I've had something this severe since a bad flu that knocked me down in 1997. That was the kind of flu that was responsible for pandemic's like the 1918 one that wiped out thousands of people, and I can certainly understand why! I've even been riddled with strep throat and high fevers multiple times since then, and it still didn't last as long (however, the constant strep infections did lead to my tonsillectomy in 2006....good move to have that done, bad move to have that done in adulthood. Avoid it if you can....) 

Of course I'm excluding pregnancy in my comparisons of illnesses that lingered... issues with pregnancy would throw off the curve. 

This week's illness was also particularly bad because I would be shivering with a fever, I'd bundle up and manage to fall asleep, but then it would break on its own and I'd wake up in the worst uncomfortable sweat. Then for what seemed like no good reason, the fever would climb up again.

This time, this was true...
Anyway, I must be feeling better because I can swallow without wincing and I am starting to boss people around again. Haha 

I just feel bad for Chris. He missed the Fathers/Son Outing because Alexander had a low-grade fever and he didn't want to leave me at home feeling like I was on death's door. I also feel bad because Mikelle and I had a Girls Night Out planned for Friday that of course didn't happen.

I did have quite the nice surprise last night. That wedding piece I did (shown in the last post) arrived at its destination and I received the most wonderful message and pictures!  This is the couple that the customer had me create the art to tribute. Their wedding is in New Orleans this Friday the 23rd.

The message said:

"We gave the happy couple their lovely piece of art tonight and it made them cry. They said it is the best wedding gift they will ever get & hung it right on the wall. Thanks again for helping us give them the best wedding present! You do beautiful work! Thanks again!"
The bride's excitement and reaction!

I love the work I do of course because it is what I enjoy. However, I love how it also brings joy to others in this manner. 

I think that is a wonderful way to end this post. It was quite the "pick me up" last night!

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day, Art Update, and Our Math Olympiad!

This past Sunday was Mothers Day. I would be lying if I said it wasn't a big deal that my birthday and Mothers Day were always so close together (sometimes about a week apart some years!) I enjoy it. It's like double the fun and excuses to go out, shop for shoes, and have ice cream cake!
I look like a drag-queen dude, but this is still a sweet picture.
This year's Mothers day did have a wrinkle in it, due to the fact that both Mikelle and Christian were still sick with some icky throat, phlegm, and fever thing that transpired the end of last week. And now today, Tuesday, it looks like I'm being hit with it. 

Oh joy.

I took them both to the doctor on Friday and no one tested positive for strep, so I guess we have to wait this thing out. They did both go to school yesterday and today. Christian wasn't too thrilled about it, but he's at the point of still being congested and coughing, but no fever.

He can go to school. 

Attempting a Mothers Day picture with X-man
I realize it's not Wayback Wednesday, Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday, but in honor of Mothers Day last week (and I missed those flashback days last week anyway), here is a picture of the sweet little baby girl that made me a Mother. 

My first official Mothers Day was when she was 9 months, but I love the sentiment of this shot. Mikelle was only 2 weeks old. It also reminds me of the Otter picture I put below it.
"I Made This...." :-) August 2000

Mothers Day "Sunday Doodle"
Art Update
I am behind on posting some artwork due to a missing photo card that is about the size of my pinky fingernail. I have a feeling Christian is involved in its absence, but like I said, it's about the size of a pinky fingernail.

On the missing photo card are pictures of some blocks I did that spell out the Greek word for Love - Agape - for my sweet Greek repeat customer. Sophia, if you're reading this, take a picture of the blocks for me!

While up in Utah, I did finish this beautiful tribute for a friend (below), who wanted to gift this to a family member who lost her sweet canine companion, Gadget.

I also completed some tribute art to honor a friend who recently lost her battle to cancer.  She loved shoes. The photo of the artwork is on the missing card. :sigh: I managed to scan it, but my home scanner is small, so it cut off the top and bottom.
I just shipped off this wonderful Wedding tribute that was commissioned by a friend of the Bride and Groom. I hope they love this gift as it is unveiled in a sea wedding gifts of crock pots and coffee makers. 
Congratulations Joshua and Brittany!

I had a lot of fun working on this, though I do feel I went the wrong direction in color. However, I didn't have time to start it all over. My problems with the color are mostly a Catch-22 artists find themselves in. They are frustrated with how something turned out, even if the client or admirers love it. 

Our Math Olympiad
I have a major shout-out for my Thing 2, Christian. I am so proud of him. In his ELP (Enhanced Learning Program) in the district, he was given the Math Olympiad exam for his age bracket (kids from ages 4th grade to 6th grade). This is an exam that is given in 49 states, thirteen American Territories and 27 foreign countries. Therefore, over 110,000 students particiated in this exam. 

Christian scored in the top 8% and earned the Silver Pin!

Not only that, but his team (class that took the exam), scored in the top 10%! 

There was an awards banquet last week and Christian had to put up with me proudly snapping pictures and expecting him to smile and enjoy it.  Along with his medal and silver pin, he received a letter and/or certificate from both our State Senators, local Congressman and the Governor. I wasn't able to scan and include all of them in the packet, but some of the key examples are included below.

I am so emotional because I am sad to leave this district and this wonderful ELP Program. 

I am also so proud to be his mother. He is a challenging one with his brain wired for the analytical and he'll be an excellent engineer (or code cracker and hacker ala Oceans Eleven!) someday. Just yesterday he made his dad and I nuts as he messed with some wiring with the home main computer and hooked up the laptop and did some other things that made "business as usual" rather difficult, but his brain never stops with such curiosities and logic.

Christian's team presenting a "thank you" poster to Marvell Engineering who was part of a field trip the day before.
Christian receiving his Medal from his school Principal, Mrs. Towns.

And speaking of Christian, nothing says "I Love You, Mom" than Mothers Day Coupons with the word "crap" in one of them! haha!

 These coupons are a perfect example of his analytical mind and his big heart coming together.
Until Next Time...!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SSSSunday Doodle, Remembering Jon, Tiptoeing Through the Tulips, Aloha Over the Rainbow...

Long blog post title this time, but I couldn't think of a smaller title.

Snakes "Almost" on a Plane - Sunday May 4, 2014
My Sunday Doodle on May 4th is more is the cheeseball theme, due to the fact that I was flying back home from my 4 days in Utah to attend my cousin's funeral. But hey, you have to take humor where you can get it sometimes - especially due to the reason I was up there in the first place. 

Snakes ON a Plane
And wow - I knew Provo Airport would be small, but it is tiny. And the baggage claim? It's in the parking lot. You stand under a makeshift covering and they bring out your luggage on a cart. haha!

I thought Idaho Falls was a small airport, but Provo Airport makes Idaho Falls look like JFK International. 

I loved the adventure of flying into another small airport. That seems to be the trend lately with Allegiant and their options to smaller destinations. (This isn't an advertisement for Allegiant. In fact, I have many issues with them...they are so "fee" happy...if you breathe wrong, they'll charge you a fee....), but I still use them due to the convenience and it still came out cheaper than flying Southwest into Salt Lake City.  That is sad, though. Why? I remember being able to pay $60 each way flying Southwest into Salt Lake. Those days are certainly gone.

Plus, Allegiant flies out of Williams Gateway airport which is just down the road from me (well, for the next 3 months anyway.... :-( ). It certainly makes a difference when going to Oregon. Flying into Eugene and driving 2 hours to the coast where Chris's father lives is so much easier than flying into Portland and driving 4 hours (I've done both). 

We'll certainly be flying into Eugene for Christmas 2015 in Oregon.

Anyway, Jonathan's funeral was beautiful. I also loved seeing my family and cousins again. And the weather up there was beautiful. It was a little warmer than I expected, but no complaints here. It was still awesome and I took advantage and made sure to do some outdoor running. I loved the snow-capped peaks and green hills. The change of elevation did a number on me when it came to running, but it was worth it for the views and cooler temperatures. And the last day I was there, the run was even better because it was cloudy too.

While up there, I was also able to see Chris's sister AnneMarie, nephew Aubrey and neice Maren. My nephew Mikkel and his wife Lise were also down from Weber State because she ran a half-marathon!  I am bummed that we didn't take a picture! What's that about? I was off my game!

I stayed with my sister Rebecca and her crew which is in the backyard of Thanksgiving Point and the Tulip Festival. Here we are at the Tulip Festival on May 3rd. There's also my nephew Caleb who is 3, and just 4 months younger than Alexander, but he was still in the stroller. 
Garon 9, Truper 5, Brisa 7
Brisa and I
Anyway, at the viewing and funeral, a beautiful slideshow was presented. It is posted on Legacy and the whole thing can be viewed here.  The slideshow goes through his entire life. 

Here is Jonathan's official obituary:

Jonathan David Parker passed away from complications resulting from pneumonia on Friday, April 25, 2014 at Intermountain Medical Center. Born the youngest of six children to Edward and Janice Parker on November 30, 1983, Jon was loved by all who knew him and will be greatly missed. Jon’s greatest joy came from being with family members and dear friends, whether gathering for summer family barbecues or playing a round of golf. Indeed, Jon loved all sports. 

His favorite memories growing up were playing competitive soccer all through grade school and junior high. Later, he directed this passion for sports towards skateboarding, snowboarding, and golf, where he eventually landed his “dream job” working for The Turtle Bay Golf Course in Oahu, Hawaii. 

He is survived by his parents; older siblings: Jana Lynn Richards (Scott), Brian, Jeff (Allison), Jennifer Larsen (Ryan), Katie Willden (Mike); and, 18 nieces and nephews. The family welcomes any who would like to join in celebrating Jon's life to the funeral service, which will be held Friday, May 2, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the Dimple Dell Park LDS Chapel, 9880 S. 3100 E., Sandy, Utah. Friends may greet the family there one hour prior to service at 10:00 a.m. and/or Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30 p.m. 
Nov. 30, 1983 ~ April 25, 2014
Jonathan David Parker passed away from complications resulting from pneumonia on Friday, April 25, 2014 at Intermountain Medical Center. Born the youngest of six children to Edward and Janice Parker on November 30, 1983, Jon was loved by all who knew him and will be greatly missed. For complete obituary, see
The funeral service will be held Friday, May 2, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the Dimple Dell Park LDS Chapel, 9880 S. 3100 E. Sandy, UT. Friends may greet the family there one hour prior to service at 10:00 a.m. and/or Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes donations to the Jonathan David Parker Memorial, Wells Fargo Bank.
Published in Salt Lake Tribune on May 1, 2014 - See more at:

The photo from Jon's baptism that I was looking for was in the slideshow (below). He was baptized on his 8th birthday, November 30, 1991.  The family came down from Utah and held it in Phoenix. I remember how beautiful and "wintery" it felt. It was rainy and stormy the night before and the morning after was so beautiful. It was still rainy and cloudy.

Jon is in the front and center. My sister Rebecca is on one side of him, and his sister Katie is on the other side.
November 30, 1991 - Jonathan's 8th Birthday and Baptism

I'm in the back on the left, next to my cousin Jeff whose poor head is is cut off. It's not that way in the actual picture. I had to obtain this photo from doing a 'print screen' from the slideshow on Legacy and this was the best I could get (sorry Jeff).  

On a personal note, my hair is something else. I seriously could not get it to do anything (and I didn't know what I was doing) back then. I was also in the process of trying to grow out my bangs, so that added to the "disaster" factor.  My awkward stage certainly lasted longer than most kids. Oy.

To end Jonathan's service, and to honor Jon's love for Hawaii, these two songs were played by Israel "Brother IZ" Kamakawiwo:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

It makes me want to hop a plane on a one-way trip to Hawaii. I have to end this post, because just hearing the music is making me cry once again. The sweetness of the pictures shown on the YouTube link to the music certainly isn't helping. I do have an artwork update that I'll share next time. I was able to remain productive! That isn't hard when you get 4 days of being kid-free!

Aloha. Until next time... 

Nov. 30, 1983 ~ April 25, 2014
Jonathan David Parker passed away from complications resulting from pneumonia on Friday, April 25, 2014 at Intermountain Medical Center. Born the youngest of six children to Edward and Janice Parker on November 30, 1983, Jon was loved by all who knew him and will be greatly missed. For complete obituary, see
The funeral service will be held Friday, May 2, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the Dimple Dell Park LDS Chapel, 9880 S. 3100 E. Sandy, UT. Friends may greet the family there one hour prior to service at 10:00 a.m. and/or Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes donations to the Jonathan David Parker Memorial, Wells Fargo Bank.
Published in Salt Lake Tribune on May 1, 2014 - See more at:

Nov. 30, 1983 ~ April 25, 2014
Jonathan David Parker passed away from complications resulting from pneumonia on Friday, April 25, 2014 at Intermountain Medical Center. Born the youngest of six children to Edward and Janice Parker on November 30, 1983, Jon was loved by all who knew him and will be greatly missed. For complete obituary, see
The funeral service will be held Friday, May 2, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the Dimple Dell Park LDS Chapel, 9880 S. 3100 E. Sandy, UT. Friends may greet the family there one hour prior to service at 10:00 a.m. and/or Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes donations to the Jonathan David Parker Memorial, Wells Fargo Bank.
Published in Salt Lake Tribune on May 1, 2014 - See more at: