Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday: "Hi San Caws"

2006 Holiday Season - Ages 6 and 2.75
Extreme cuteness is the theme for this short Throwback Thursday post! 

Taking the boys to see Santa on Friday reminded me again of one of the sweetest moments from when Christian and Mikelle were so much younger. 

It was the Holiday Season of 2006. Christian was 2  (a few months away from turning 3) and Mikelle was 6. We took them to the mall to see Santa. Judging from their footwear, it's clear the evening was not as crisp and seasonal as we've experienced here in the last couple of days. (It's been awesome the last couple of days!)

Christian was excited to see Santa at the mall. When it was our turn, normally I would expect Christian to run around or run to Santa (this is one of our boys, after all...). But instead, he calmly walked up to Santa, put his little chubby toddler hands on Santa's knees, looked up at him and angelically said, "Hi San Caws..."

It was one of those moments that I wished I captured on video. If I did, I know I would watch it millions of times. It tugged at the heartstrings in ways that I cannot describe.
Sunday Doodle for 12/14/14

Anyway, back to 2014....

It's been busy trying to prepare for Alexander's birthday, Christmas, and finish some last minute orders. 

Luckily, a couple of them do not have the Christmas deadline. 

As for this Batman art, a customer made it clear they were willing to wait until around New Year's for the Batman piece. Sure, it's December 18th, but there's more than just the Batman artwork the customer is requesting with this. More to come with this batty project! :-)

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