Friday, November 6, 2009

I Allow My 9 Year Old Daughter to Wear Make-Up and Hang Around Bad Influences

...On Halloween that is!

Here she is on Halloween night with one of the storm troopers who entertained people in line for the "trick or truck" at our town park for their big Halloween event.

As stated in the previous entry, Christian and Mikelle took a more traditional "monster" theme this year for their costumes. Mikelle's costume was officially called "Monster Bride" but to me it just looks like a relative or side-kick to Frankenstein's monster.

Daddy put some cardboard in his hood so it took a more "monstrous" appearance.

Christian got in on the "Dark Side" action as well:

And that was one beefy Vader!

Posting these inspires me to scrapbook. Halloween layouts are my most favorite to scrapbook. I love looking at the kids through the years in their Halloween costumes. Starting with this year:



(just Mikelle! As Christian was "in the oven")

The first one looks a little Hallo-freaky, but the second one is so adorable
I can just eat up that cute little chubb a wubb wubb face!

The really scary thing? I think I already know what Mikelle and Christian's costumes are going to be next year. I guess they should have a say! lol Well, we'll see........