Monday, December 22, 2014

Beautiful Babies and Bulldozers

Four years ago today, our lives were brightened by this sweet energy ball of laughter and mischief. The best way to describe our lives with Alexander is something along the lines of what the hilarious comedian Wanda Sykes says about having kids. She talks about how they destroy your life - and then replace it with another one that you didn't know you loved even more! lol  

Sure, Mikelle and Christian did that already. But then Alexander completed our quintet in a way I never expected, anticipated, or never knew we needed. 

Until he was there. 
Alexander in front of his birthday tree. 12/21/14
Now all I ask, Alexander, is to PLEASE use the potty. 

I swear, this kid is the poster child for the Diapers To Depends secret group. It's located in a basement of some abandoned building (or a Radio Shack) and these kids hang out there and talk about how they have a full-ride scholarship waiting for them at Harvard, but they never bothered with potty training. These genius kids all know that they simply need to just "do it", but they're too stubborn and are determined to stick it to the man

It's a pride thing. 

Some of these kids can program computers, they don't even require training wheels on their bikes and they can even quote Shakespeare!

But they refuse to use the toilet. 

Yeah, I'm beginning to realize that Alexander is going to be a member of that secret group. 

Anyway, moving on, here are few snapshots to catch things up. Well, these first three are pretty awesome. Yeah, I know I didn't show the groundbreaking pictures yet, but check these out from this previous Saturday. THIS is Christmas. 

Seeing this going on at our land is better than anything under the tree!  

And here are some pictures from yesterday morning. Thankfully, everything came together that time with getting ready for church. That's a rarity. 

Below are the boys (and Lucy, who clearly wanted Alexander's cookie) in front of the main tree. The larger tree was too big for the low ceiling height, so this medium tree was brought in as a quick solution. I bought it last year right after Christmas, intending it to be a third Christmas tree (I plan to have our  large and tall main blue and white tree with the angel, then a colorful/fun medium sized Christmas tree, and then the whimsical Alexander Birthday tree...), but of course our new house isn't finished in time for this Christmas as I thought it would be last year. Still, I'm glad I grabbed this medium sized tree. It helped with the frustration of the large one being too tall for the low ceiling height. Plus, when I picked up the medium tree last year, it was around 75% off and it was one of the last ones! 

Big sisters are the best!

As are Mom's kisses...

And lastly, it was fun making babies today with my new primary class.

(...Baby Jesus babies that is...)

I thank my friend Tammy for the inspiration. As much as a hot glue dependent project is bad karma for me, it was worth some of the discomfort on my fingertips!

If anyone wants directions or a list of materials to make a baby...

(a baby Jesus, that is...)

... please comment!

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