Saturday, January 3, 2015

This Week in Pictures (complete with Snowman Selfies)...

Vulture Peak Area 12/31/14
As noted in the previous entry, 2014 ended more white than expected...and even though most of it was gone the same day, patches remained until yesterday.  The mountains all around kept snow on them a little longer which gifted us with beautiful views. 

The temperatures were lower than I've ever seen (up here, it never left the 30s on New Year's Eve...and it stayed in the 40s on New Years Day...even down in Phoenix), and while plenty of people complained, plenty of us loved it.   

Of course we didn't expect the snow to last, but it would be nice if these lower temperatures would stick around for the duration of....well, winter...but sadly, it doesn't work that way here in hell. Satan likes to pay the heating bill on time.

 More pictures from our New Year's Eve snowfall:
Jogging on the New Year's Eve snow over the Hassayampa...I wish that was me! (it's not)
Not some ski town in Colorado...this is downtown Wickenburg...

Vulture Peak, after the snowfall... 12/31/14
Christmas present opened New Year's Eve...complete with Wonder Woman glasses...
That afternoon, we all headed to visit  our QC-Gilbert part of of the world and spent the night with friends to ring in 2015. That also meant opening some Christmas presents. (Chris got some fun Star Wars socks. I wanted to wear the Storm Trooper pair to keep my feet warm that night, but he was being stingy), playing games and ringing in 2015 with all the kids awake with the exception of Christian. 

After we slept in a bit the next morning, we managed to make it back this way New Year's afternoon (but not until we stopped at the best Chinese place in Tempe to grab take-out to eat for dinner that night...!).

That evening, Chris and I stole some selfies with this snowman in downtown Wickenburg (below).  He's still there today, but he's laying on his side and kind of half-dead on the sidewalk. Sad. 

But just the fact that most of his snow is still there says something about these awesome low temperatures! The sun has been brutal the last two days, however. Way too bright. The only thing these low temperatures need to make it perfect is more clouds and diffused light.
New Year's Night - 1/1/15

As for the art front, two orders are in the works. One is another custom design for a wallet. And this customer is in Australia. Pretty cool!

Back to work! 

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