Saturday, December 6, 2014

And THAT, my friends, is CLOSURE...

We closed on our construction loan. It has been a drawn out, tortuous and arduous process and I admit I lost faith for quite for awhile.

There are times you feel a certain way, but your energy level doesn't quite show it off. 

Thankfully, in these modern times, we have GIF images:

(Tom Hiddleson dancing...awesome even if we didn't close!)

My dancing is like the pug Hulk: "yeah, I'm happy...but tired...and stressed..."
Anyway, today
we want to have a little lunchtime ground breaking hoop-la at our land and then maybe lunch afterwards (probably at our church building, if we can break in...kidding...we would steal a key.... ;-) ;-) ).

I am hesitant to do this little gathering because if I didn't make it clear before, I've been exhausted by the whole thing and energy is gone (of the dog GIF above, see the Hulk pug...)

And then bring on the anxieties (remember Phillip? Yeah, he's back...). Combine the lack of energy with worrying that NO ONE will show up, and I don't want to be disappointed and feel like a total loser. It's just kind of the frame of mind I'm in after this ordeal.  

However, Chris is insisting we do this. Therefore, I'll have to risk feeling like the kid in junior high who is picked last for stuff and then the more popular kids groan that they're stuck with you in kickball, and have this this hoop-la anyway. 

Next updates. Busy week (with perfect seasonal weather)! A few print orders and four custom artworks in progress!

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