Wednesday, November 4, 2015

TARDIS and Instant Sub Plans Needed, Please

As luck would have it, on the first beautiful chilly Fall day mixtures of the silvery beauty of dark and light gray puffy clouds, I start to come down with the same achiness, raging headache and throat problems that have been commonplace every couple of months in the last year or so. 

Thankfully my preferred substitute teacher was available for tomorrow. What's funny is a colleague mentioned that I looked pale, even though I am always pale anyway. But he said he could tell the difference between my normal pale and sick pale. Maybe I lost my usual fake-vampire (Twilight) glitter and had just a regular vampire countenance. 

However, any teacher will tell you that a lot of work goes into preparing for a substitute. Sometimes it's just easier to suffer through and come to work. And in my case, even more work goes into preparing for a sub because of my ridiculous neurotic compulsive nature. Oh yes, it's a party! 

I considered coming to work tomorrow and just suffering through it, but last time I tried that, my throat closed up and I couldn't even speak by about 11am. And because my preferred sub was available, the choice was to stay home.
Turns out I was sicker than I thought, because after coming home and crawling into bed with my blankie and favorite gray hoodie, I fell asleep knowing I had to leave soon to head back to pick up Thing 1 and Thing 2 from school. In healthy circumstances, I can never take a short nap with something like that to worry about (no matter how tired I am...I told you, neurotic...). But not this time! Luckily, I did wake up in time, but it was like some kind of sick staggering hangover to head back and pick them up.
While feeling miserable but enjoying the blankie and clouds out of the window (and before passing out), I was surprised to see a sale of my Dr. Who Tribute piece from a buyer in the UK! Of course that means I have to drive down to civilization in a few days to have it printed, but I don't mind that problem due to the fact it is a result of a sale. I have a bunch of things I've been meaning to get printed, so this is just the thing to make it happen. 

Though ever since moving up here and seeing the crazy high mileage on our car, more and more I wish for a Tardis for instantaneous lateral transportation only (temporal transportation would be too complicated).
Speaking of art though, here is a custom wedding artwork completed last month for a colleague's destination wedding in New Orleans over Fall Break. Some details have been blurred for privacy.
And another requested artwork headed to Canada for Karla who is one of my most loyal customers ever! This one is about the things that make us happy.
On that note, time for more Ibuprofen and sleep.

Until next time.