Monday, December 15, 2014

Stubborn Stickler for Traditions

Last Friday night, the boys had their picture taken with Santa. I'm glad I'm a stickler for traditions, because if I wasn't, it may have been completely left out this year. 

I do admit I am struggling with the whole Christmas spirit this time around. It's not completely gone - it's just harder to find.

Part of the struggle is finding the the motivation for Christmas stuff to be taken out of boxes in storage and displayed. When we know we'll be moving again in less than a year, I have no desire to unpack it, pack it up again, then move it, unpack it, etc etc. 

But it's Christmas. It's important. 


Plus, we have our Birthday Tree tradition for Alexander too. We can't let a year go by without that. 

Therefore, I took out probably one-third of our Christmas stuff.  

The Nativity made it out first. 

There. That works.

Some friends said all my Nativity is missing now is a Tardis. I agree. But I don't have one. Sure, I was all over the place down in the valley today (two malls and other stops) where I'm sure I could have located a Tardis for the Nativity, but I wasn't thinking about it at the time. 

Besides, it's probably more than a decade that I've been waiting to be gifted a Jim Shore Nativity anyway (despite yearly hints). 

I guess I should bite the bullet and buy it myself.

And I love this Jim Shore angel piece:

I also received appreciation pictures from the customer that the Mad-hatter, Jack Skellington and Philosophy ornaments were made for. I love when I get pictures like these! It helps raise the spirits - especially if they're a little down. And they are. It's just the nature of being a moody artist. So I cherish these appreciation pictures!

Along with the pictures, she said, "Got the kids' ornaments for 2014. Usually I just let them pick something out at the store. This year I bought them from an artist friend's Etsy shop. They just got here today and the kids love them! Well two love them; the third one comes home on leave tomorrow. He'll see his then. Thanks Jill Henrichsen!"

Thanks Jackie! 

In the meantime as I continue to work on the Christmas spirit, the weather is helping. It's been cooler than it should be (well, in my book it means it's the way it should be!), and today the clouds blanketed the sky again. I love overcast weather. Some people call it "gloomy". I disagree. 

Until next time.

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