Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Final Art Update for 2014

I know it sounds as if I'm taking an art sabbatical or something, but no... not going to happen. I do, however, need to take 45 clock hours of a course before my teaching certification expires in April. And does this course have anything to do with art? Not really. Not even close. But I knew this was coming. Sure, I could have done it sooner (and I should have), but I didn't. So here we are. But this shouldn't impede my art projects and orders. It'll just put something annoying and boring on my plate in addition to the creative demands.

An art update is overdue. 

First, above is another installment of the Lake of the Woods preservation project. This is for placemats, but this design could be used for various items. 

And another return customer is involved in Human Trafficking Awareness and I completed this for her (right). 

Another project that was completed was the Batman artwork. A wallet was requested with the Dark Knight thematic elements, so of course I had to create the artwork first. The customer would receive the original artwork plus the wallet. However, prints of the Batman art along with wallets are available to anyone at my Etsy shop.

Today the Christmas and Birthday trees came down. Usually it's kind of a downer to put all the Christmas things away, but this time, it felt like something was being accomplished. And I was happy that the next time these decorations would be brought out, it would be in our new home! 

But Alexander was breaking my heart. I was putting away the ornaments and stuff from his Birthday tree and he says he will miss his red celebrate ornament that he received at church this month. Then as I put away the bow from the top of his birthday tree, he was concerned and didn't want it to go away. It made me want to keep the decorations up forever! He didn't cry about it, but he was very sad about it in a way that just tugged at the heart strings. 

I am comforted that he is already building good memories, since he's sad to see those objects packed away.

Speaking of building good memories, ringing in 2015 will be fun as we spend it as a family with some old friends. And the weather is perfect - cold and wintery. A big winter storm (so that means rain for us...though there is chatter about possible snow...yeah, okay...)
Yeah, transplants from the Midwest and colder climates are complaining about it, but they can just chill.

Last year we barely received any hint of such winter temperatures, so this has and will continue to be quite enjoyable.

No complaints here. 

Happy New Year!

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