Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Been Too Long

California Vacation Part II
You can tell the school year started, as my posts dropped off the planet. I promised to finish re-capping our vacation from the end of July, so here are the Legoland pictures. San Diego was AWESOME. It never got over 75 degrees and it was overcast (in other words, perfection). Being that I loathe the climate here in hell (I mean, AZ), I made us stay longer even though it obliterated some of our savings.

Pregnancy Update - Team Blue
This pregnancy is going better than we expected, but it's still one of my pregnancies. I am so happy it's the last one. Well, I'm relieved it's the last one, but sad that 3 is all we'll have. We always had "4" as a magic number, but it's just not to be. Not only can I NOT do this again, Chris certainly can't. Now we're dealing with elevated blood pressure, horrible rib and back pain, and in true fashion in how I carry high, I can't breathe. My last day at work is Tuesday November 30th, as I clearly need to be laying down a lot to keep my blood pressure down. I won't go back until March. Once my sick days are gone, that's it. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Here is our precious little boy in an 18 week ultrasound on July 30th.
And yep - it's a boy.

Mikelle isn't too thrilled that she'll never have a sister and be flying solo as far as siblings are concerned, but I'm trying to let her know how lucky she has it. She gets Mom to herself in all our Mom/Daughter outings. No sharing clothes with sisters (well, except me! haha), and no sharing a room (except with her baby brother's changing table) and when she graduates from college and then gets married, her wedding will be quite the hoop-la with no other sisters to budget a wedding for. Hopefully, as time goes on, she'll see these perks. However, for now, she was really hoping for a sister.

Mikelle turned 10 in August, and Chris turned 40! We surprised him with a 40th birthday party and there's a really cute video of the kids from it that I plan to upload on here when my friend Mark finishes putting it on CD from my friend Nikki's camcorder. Yes, I know it's the end of NOVEMBER now, but that's how slow things are going - especially since I'm pregnant and just trying to get enough oxygen to go to the next minute.

I can't believe how big my babies are getting. Here are their school pictures from August. :cry:

Mikelle - 5th Grade - Age 10 It's just crazy, isn't it? What happened to my tiny baby girl?

No way is my baby boy in 1st grade. But alas, here he is. Age 6 1/2.

I think this is the last year that I'll convince Mikelle to coordinate Halloween themes with her brother. No, I know it is. I barely convinced her this year. Christian and his little baby brother will have to coordinate next year.

After not being successful with my 2 ideas for Christian's 80s-themed costume, we got our 80s theme together with Mikelle as an 80s Valley girl, and Christian as the red Pac-Man ghost, Blinky.

And Christian, pre-costume: