Saturday, December 17, 2011

Second Time is the Charm!

Last week (or something like that), the improved Gilbert Temple Motif was completed. This is one of the available prints.

New motifs for the New Year:

  • Moon Motif (similar to the one in the original Sun, Moon, Stars Motif currently available at Sundust Gallery)

  • Phoenix/Peoria AZ Temple

  • Gila Valley AZ Temple

And Speaking of "Second Time", here is the other Santa Picture from 12/5. Mikelle didn't dress to coordinate because she told me she didn't want anything to do with the Santa picture. If you recall to this entry a year ago, just having her get in for that really took some doing. However, this time around, Santa's helpers really laid it on thick and talked Mikelle into getting into the picture. And yes, that's Alexander's shoe falling off. However, his smile makes shoes unnecessary.

Ages 11, 7 1/2+, and 11 1/2 months

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