Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa and the Reluctant 10 Year Old

So we took the kids to see Santa last night. Of all the years prior, this is the first year that Mikelle showed signs of growing out of this sort of thing. I'm not in total denial, but it still makes me sad. I told her that if she preferred, only Christian could see him, but she said she still wanted to. However, when the moment came, she was offish and had a hard time with it as her "tween"-ness is emerging from childhood.

Santa said,
"What are you, 10?" (He pegged it) She nodded and he said, "You're not too old! Get over here!"

Here she is with her first Santa picture at age 3 1/2 months, back in 2000:

Later, when I told her that even Santa got it right (her age and that she isn't too old for Santa), she had to reply that he wasn't the real Santa. :cry: I knew my baby was growing up, but I still feel a little sad. Christian got into it of course, and I look forward to next year having he and the baby go and see Santa. In the meantime, I have a little girl who is a not-so-little-girl.

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