Friday, December 30, 2011

PART I Tri-State Winter Whirlwind....

Our Winter Whirlwind Consisted of Birthdays, Babies, Bows (on presents) Boots, Blue (toes, noses, etc), Below Zero, and any other alliterative way to describe our Tri-state Winter trip!

Alexander's Birthday 12-22-11
Mom and Alexander flew to Idaho Falls on his birthday, 12/22/11. We met up with Dad, Christian and Mikelle in Rexburg and celebrated Alexander's birthday at Pizza Pie Cafe! Then we went back to Grammy's house in Rexburg for cake. It was cold, but it is refreshing to have a white and cold December!
Birthday Boy At Pizza Pie Cafe
December 22, 2011

(Yes, that's a U of A jacket. Yes, Chris and I went to ASU. The jacket was nicely lent to us, and
we appreciate the gesture, so who cares that it's a U of A jacket!)

Birthday Boy At Pizza Pie Cafe. Is he the cutest in that winter hat or what?!

Alexander and his cousin Brisa

Birthday Cake for everyone else...

Alexander's First Birthday Cake - Still intact!
Birthday Boy, all stripped Down, ready to tackle that cake!

And Bye Bye Cake, Hello Bathtub!!!

That same night, we did a caravan with Becca's family from Rexburg about an hour and half east to where they live in Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming.

Jackson Hole and the Tetons 12-23-11
If it was cold in Idaho, it was colder in Wyoming. Below zero was a norm, and I don't remember it being two digits above zero. Still, on 12/23 we had fun heading up to Jackson ( I saw a Blad Eagle in the sky on the way up!) and seeing the Grand Tetons. Sure, it would have been nice if the sun wasn't so intense, but the sun likes to follow me around like that intense spotlight cops use for interrogations.
All of Us - Chris was taking the picture

All of Us - For Real!

After the Tetons, we saw some real buffalos on the side of the road, and then headed to Jackson to mess around. The guys took Mikelle, Christian, Garon and Brisa to see the movie Tin Tin. Becca and I got eyebrow and lip waxes only to find that Grammy disappeared from the parking lot. I actually didn't feel that cold as we looked around the Smiths Parking lot, but that wore off quickly. Maybe it was my bare lip realizing the fur was gone. Who knows.

Then after she and I got Grammy back with our three kids that were with her, we headed back to Star Valley.

Stay tuned for Part B!

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