Saturday, December 31, 2011

PART II Tri-State Winter Whirlwind....

PART II: Our Winter Whirlwind Consisted of Birthdays, Babies, Bows (on presents) Boots, Blue (toes, noses, etc), Below Zero, and any other alliterative way to describe our Tri-state Winter trip!

Christmas Eve Babies

There are 8 grandchildren on my side. Here are the 4 youngest. Earlier on Christmas Eve, official pictures were taken of all 8 of the grandkids, but those pictures are not ready yet. Stay tuned! Alexander is on the left, then Skylar who was born just a couple of weeks before he was, then Truper who is two, and then Caleb who is 8 months.

We read a Christmas story about the Nativity from Luke 2, and we had the kids act it out. That was quite interesting. I think at one point Alexander hit the baby Jesus doll with something. We did get it on video but we haven't viewed it yet.

Christmas Day 2011
Christmas morning the kids managed to wait until 6:30 to get up. It's a blur for me, but it consisted of a lot of wrapping paper flying around. It was a Sunday, so we then got ready to go to the one hour Sacrament meeting down the road in Etna.

Alexander was quite handsome if I do say so myself!

After church on the way home, we stopped to be "touristy". I am not happy how blurry these pictures look. Something must have gotten on the lens. It was still below zero too.
Here is Mikelle, Christian and their cousin Garon:
Other Star Valley sites that day:

Down to Utah 12/26/11
The next day, we did another caravan with Becca and Gary and their litter (kidding Becca, you know I'm just playing) from Star Valley down to Utah.

We would have gotten out of places much quicker if Chris didn't park himself inside Maverick and Chevron convenient stores and take forever to come out.
(this is how I'll know if Chris ever reads my blog) Seriously, Chris needs someone behind him with a whip to keep it moving when he goes into those places (Lara: if you're reading this, this was the kind of thing that made it so we didn't make it Vegas in a timely manner when we were meeting up with you and Joel). After 17 years, you'd think I'd be used to it, but when you're on vacation with three kids, and are also carvanning with others and don't want to hold them up, it is quite irritating. Therefore, patience isn't quite there anymore.

Afton, Wyoming. This is where Gary works.

I was excited for the roadtrip adventure, but a little sad of how ugly some parts of the way were. I didn't expect that. Sure, it was all snowy, but the southwestern corner of Wyoming was so "blah". I didn't expect that. But anyway, backing up, the route was confusing to Mikelle. We go into Idaho for a bit, then back into Wyoming, then into Utah for a bit, then back into Wyoming before you hit I-80 in Evanston (yuck, by the way) and then go back into Utah permanently.

After Evanston, Becca and Gary went onto their Utah destination and we headed to American Fork for the Henrichsen side of our family-visit tour!

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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