Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice Means Birthday Time!

...for AleXander! It makes me cry that an entire year has passed. He will be one year old TOMORROW, 12/22/11. This picture to the left was taken today. I caught him mid-step before he yanked the hat off his head. Too adorable, I'd say!

Even though his birthday isn't until tomorrow and that is also when most of the celebration will take place, last night he did open one present early. Technically, it was from Mikelle. And so far, he really likes it! (and also, in the future, we will NOT use Christmas paper for his birthday presents. This year we figured he wouldn't mind....This year is the "trial run")

This is also our first annual "Birthday Tree". I always wanted to do more than one Christmas tree, and Alexander's birthday is such a wonderful reason. The irony though, is the birthday tree was our "only" tree this year, due to his intense mobility. Sure, he still will be into everything a year from now, but he'll understand better about "not touching" at age almost 2, then he does now (though I'm sure we'll still be challenged by him! lol). Nevertheless, our large tree will come back out next year.

LinkThere is a tiger ornament on there because he was born the Year of the Tiger. I also saw a cute Cupcake ornament and had to make it part of the tree as it had that birthday "feel" to it. Mikelle and Christian made some fun little crafty ornaments too. I love the idea also of having two trees, because the birthday tree can have all kinds of ornaments and colors on there, and the big tree can keep the blue, silver and white theme.

Well, Alexander has come up with a new way to get my attention: Take off all his clothes including his diaper. Therefore, it's time to step away and deal with silly goofball tiger boy.

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  1. Happy birthday to him, tomorrow! Can't believe it's been a year already! I like the birthday tree. We have two trees, but they are small and fit on our tables. I told Mark I want to leave one of them up and make it a Valentine's tree, and then a St. Patrick's tree, etc...