Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tuck the Traveling Turtle and Framed Flemish Favors

Okay, the second part of this title isn't technically Flemish. It's actually Dutch, but Dutch doesn't go alliteratively with "framed".

Tuck the Traveling Turtle
Anyway, back to the Traveling Turtle. Friday, Christian brought home Tuck the Traveling Turtle from school. Tuck is a stuffed animal that comes home for the weekend with different students in Christian's class. This time it was Christian's turn! During the weekend, the student writes down what they did together in a journal that came home with Tuck and even add a picture. What is also funny, is we have the exact same turtle. It was given to Alexander when he was born! We added these two pictures to the journal. Tuck is the one with the red and white Arizona Diamondbacks shirt. It's a good thing, because otherwise, we wouldn't be able to tell these two twins apart.

Therefore, here is one of Christian's entries:

Friday December 9, 2011
I've got good news. Right now Tuck has an identical twin! Now Tuck can have fun even if no one is around.

Tuck is going to have fun this weekend with his friends! (his twin and Christian!)

Alexander, our Turtle, Tuck the Turtle and Christian

Framed Flemish Favors
As for the Framed "Dutch" Favors, here is an example of one of the locale Circle Motifs beautifully framed! This one is of the Holland Tribute:

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