Monday, December 5, 2011

First onto the NEXT one

Well, I finished the Gilbert Temple Circle Motif, but it just isn't right. I already started a new one for the Gilbert Temple.

The temps around here have been perfect for winter time! Yesterday is barely cracked the mid-50s and the day before was the same with winter rain. And luckily, it's going to stay in the 50s and 60s this week!

Sadly, despite the seasonal weather, it's not so seasonal inside. No Christmas decorations are up. Part of it is AleXander is so very mobile. It's already been difficult with the "usual" things. He is one curious and determined little guy! Therefore, the big tree won't be going up this year.

However, we won't be tree-less. Because he was born on 12/22 we're starting a tradition of having a small "birthday" tree. It's a 4-ft tree that we put in the office/den. I know, why there? Well, that's the room blocked by the baby gate. The office needs to straightening up so it's not so office-like in it's clutter. Having the festivity in the room is certainly a lot of motivation to get the office to a more worthy appearance for the little birthday tree!

In the meantime, stand-by for the improved Gilbert Temple motif, and hopefully around here we'll have a much happier looking office!

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