Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why "Circle" Motifs?

I'm frequently asked Why Circles? Good question. Since as long as I can remember, I've always loved to draw and always been a doodler. No matter how much I enjoy painting with watercolor, acrylic, glazes on ceramics, and creating with other fun art mediums, I always come back to drawing.

Last March, about a month after I returned from maternity leave, I presented a project to my Basic Drawing Classes on Mandalas. At first, it was just another class art project that had plenty of history, multicultural and geographical integration. To make a long story short, the students were assigned 3 different types of Mandalas which pushed them to try different techniques while having plenty of artistic license.

This link
is another good one about Mandalas.

However, through our Mandala Unit, I discovered that my usual "doodling" and drawing really took a different turn when I put them into the circular shape. It especially took hold when I was showing one of my students a fun way to use pen and ink in one of their "free design" Mandalas. I also showed them this YouTube in addition to my demonstrations.
I soon found myself addicted to using the circles.

I never thought it would take me to where I am in just a short amount of time, but here we are!

The Mandalas on this entry are from March-May when I began using the circles.

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