Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alexander's First Time Seeing Santa

Even though this won't officially be Alexander's first Christmas, being that he was 3 days old for his first one, this passed Monday was his first experience seeing Santa Claus. He sat on his lap with his big brother Christian (who will be 8 in March).

Mikelle, being 11, didn't want to sit on Santa's lap, so I didn't insist she coordinate her clothing for the picture. However, the Santa's Helpers did talk her into getting into a picture. I have gone online to order that particular picture, but I bought this one first because it captures the first time Alexander saw Santa Claus.

He was a little hesitant, as in the last couple of weeks, Alexander hasn't gone to other people as easily as he did before. However, he noticed Santa's beard and really focused and studied it.

After Santa hung out with the boys for a bit and talked to Christian, Christian wrote a letter to Santa (to put in the mailbox there). I took a picture with the cell phone, so it doesn't show up very well.

His list said he forgot to mention a few things he wanted for Christmas:

1) Ink Cartridges - color and black and white 2)A Wi-Fi network that will hook up to the whole internet 3) An Electric Scooter 4) A DSI with 10 cartridges.

If Christian's letter to Santa isn't amazing enough, today he got out a screwdriver and fixed the baby proofing latches on the kitchen cupboards (I DID NOT ask him to do this). The ones from when Christian was a roaming toddler (and the term roaming really means pillaging and destroying) have long been broken off and ineffective. Christian got a screwdriver, changed them out for new latches that were sitting in the package. This kid is 7!!!

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  1. Wow! Smart kid, but I knew he would be when you talked about his Houdini days. ;) That picture sure is precious!