Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clever, but NO.

Monday I received this e-mail from Mikelle (I let her have her own e-mail account, that I monitor):
ok mom, i should have a phone because if there is an emegency i can call you as soon as possible. plus when i am babysitting i can call if i need help. you can also call and check on me just to make sure everything is ok. also, i can be texting my friends and playing games instead of fighting with my siblings or bugging you. now since this would be a good choice i suggest you do it.
Cute, but no. Maybe high school. And that's a BIG maybe.

Part of my issue is being a teacher for four years, I am sick to death of kids breaking the rules with cell phones and the whole "entitlement" attitude that came with it. What was worse, was the way the parents acted when their precious little Kendra or Kenny had their phone taken away (gee, thanks for the help with the "entitlement" attitude, helicopter parents!). And don't expect administration to actually follow through on the SCHOOL RULES
(gee, thanks for the help with the "entitlement" attitude, so-called "administrators"!).

I fantasized about putting all their phones in a big box and running over it with a semi.

I longed for the days before cell phones. We all survived. Mikelle will too.
You can call me a mean mom, but it's my blog.

(and in interest of full disclosure, yes I have a cell phone. But I fought it and didn't get one until I had Mikelle. I was in school 30-40 miles away, so that's why I got it. But if cell phones went bye bye forever, I wouldn't lose my marbles like so many other people would.)

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