Friday, June 27, 2014

Random Rosy Thoughts

Okay, that's a cheesy title. 

But I've always loved roses. Over the years I've grown to love many different flowers, but I keep coming back to roses. 

I realize that sounds cliche, right? Roses are the most popular flower. They're all over the place in music, stories, poetry, and everything in between. 

And for good reason.

I am pretty sure the beautiful picture to the left is my favorite artwork of a rose. At least it's my favorite one at the moment. It's also important to me, because it's very reminiscent of the kind of rich pink roses I fell in love with when I was around 14 or 15.  I think I drew them over and over. Pale pink is pretty, but there is something about the deep pink tones that drew me to them. 

I did move away from that as I got older, but looking at the artwork pictured here, I'm brought back to the early years and why I found them so beautiful in the first place. I even have an embroidery of pink roses that I worked on off and on back then. I never finished it, but I still have it.

Red roses are a close second. I built my wedding theme around them. If I was married in the Spring, I would have done the deep pink roses. However, for a November wedding and approaching the holidays, I knew red was the way to go. 

As much as I love real roses, I decided on silk roses for my bouquet (as pictured below with our wedding rings). They still looked very real, but at least I can keep it forever. 
Our wedding rings with the red budded roses of my bouquet. (my original wedding ring and band...I have a different ring now with white gold...I'm waiting for just the right time to pick out a perfect wedding band for it...funny to say when you're approaching your 20th wedding anniversary, but I'm in no hurry!)

I think my next favorite rose picture is this one below. The gorgeous Osiria rose. The red and white combination is just breathtaking.  I wish that one, I had the patience and outside tolerance needed to maintain rose bushes. And two, that I lived somewhere where roses flourish better. They do grow here, however. A neighbor around the corner and down a ways has beautiful rose bushes. When they bloomed, I couldn't just jog by without stopping to admire them.
I wish the roses in these next pictures didn't have to die. Thankfully we have photographs. These are some close-ups of some roses Chris gave me this week. There's white, pink and red. But what I love about the red ones is they seem to have that pink tone in there that just accentuates their beauty.

I am feeling overwhelmed as I look at these pictures, because it makes me want to put aside my current projects and just concentrate on painting watercolors of roses.  

But not yet. I have an idea for a drawing series that I have to see through. 

There will be plenty of time for roses. 

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