Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dad Day 2014

Fathers Day Sunday Doodle for 6/15/14

Sunday was Fathers Day, and that meant we could FINALLY show Chris the pictures the kids and had taken last month via a cute little photo album. It was tricky having the photos done in May, since it’s usually already hot. However, it was a rare (and probably last until at least October) day that only got to 79.

So adorable, it's disgusting...

In the middle of a goofy robot dance and making us laugh!


Along with the album, the kids also gifted Chris a Brazil World Cup Soccer shirt.They also drew pictures and wrote their own cute little things in the photo album.

One thing I was hell-bent on from the beginning was to make sure my kids had a great dad. Mikelle rolls her eyes at him, but in the same breath wants to spend time with him. Christian loves having technological discussions with him and still loves the cuddling. Xanderbug runs into the driveway excited to see him and knows Daddy won't initially kick him out of our bed. I love that Fathers Day is something to celebrate because of the awesome father of my 3 Things.
Left to Right: Mikelle age 7, Christian age 3, Alexander a few months old

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