Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Throwback Thursday without any other title...

An abbreviated post for a typical June Throwback Thursday, where I probably won't venture out into the world until close to sundown. 

Alexander is in his last week of swim lessons, and it's not until this week, that his behavior has been deplorable and he's fighting sweet Ms. Shannon on everything, that I ask myself what's the point in bringing him at all? But Thursday is the last day, and at least that means I get to get in and catch him as he goes down the slide. Even if he is acting like a total butt.

I wanted to post the pictures from a week or so ago at one of his lessons when he's in his  more cooperative and "eager to learn" moods, but the computer has had a falling out with my photo card. They won't talk to each other. So immature.

As for the art and drawing adventures, I have three different drawing projects going on at the same time. Therefore, none of them are fit to reveal just yet. One of them should have been done by now.  I've sung that song before.

Tonight I was reminded again of Christ's love and how the Atonement heals. It is truly a miracle when there is so much pain we can experience in a lifetime. Physical pain. Emotional pain (if you ask me, that's worse), and all the other complicated pain in between. While I struggle to find the "switch" to allow that healing, I'm also comforted to know that it is there.
Not too much of a Throwback Thursday, but a throwback nevertheless. These are from November 2012. I chose these because right now it's so hot outside, these photos remind me how cool and cloudy our desert can be.  These were taken at Usery Pass/Park, but at my favorite time - when it's a cool, cloudy and partly rainy day. It gives beautiful diffused light for pictures, and perfect for a nice walk in this part of the park.

Alexander was almost 2. Mikelle was 12, and Christian was 3 months away from turning 9.


And now to find the motivation to accomplish more tasks preparing for this move.  
Turns out, we will be speaking in church next month which is probably our last Sunday there. We haven't been given a topic yet.

But first, we have to get through June.

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