Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Whimsical Patriotism, Parrots, Pacyderms, Anicorns and Addresses...

Not the best photo quality. But here it is, pre-fired.
Ack! This post is looking like a real zoo. No, not a real zoo. A Freak Zoo. I got behind again! Not that I want today to be Monday, but that's when I was supposed to add a new entry. 

First of all, on the art front, I created the other two house numbers and they're in the kiln and I'll be able to pick them up on Thursday (only showing one of the other two numbers, since there's weirdos on the internet...besides me, I mean...).  I did bring the other two finished tiles to make sure I kept consistent with the colors.

Mikelle's "Alicorn" Pre-fired
Mikelle came with me this time and she had fun doing a Fluttershy "Alicorn" ala My Little Pony. I find it funny how My Little Pony appeals to all ages. There's even a documentary on Netflix called Bronies. Mikelle was watching it late Sunday night! lol

I also finally used my American Flag Design from 2012 and incorporated it for a mobile design and listed it officially on my Etsy shop

Here is the original (small - about 5x7) pictured with my Max Reebo from Return of the Jedi. This was BEFORE a sweet child o' mine took Max off the shelf where he sat safely and subsequently left him on the floor and the dog chewed out one of his eyes. But that's not what this is about.

American Flag Copyright 2012 Jill Henrichsen
American Flag Design on iPhone
American Flag Design on Samsung Galaxy

Other good news on the art front is Threadless accepted two of my designs to submit for scoring/voting. If I receive a bunch of high scores (Scores of 5!), they'll print the design on their T-shirts and I'll start making some real money on this art venture.  That would certainly be on the way to the dream. 

Of course it's still a long shot because I'm not really good at bugging people to score. I do not like that trend, but it is what it is. For example, my kids are the cutest kids on the planet and when I've sent their pictures for photo contests, I wouldn't hound enough of my friends to vote in the said contests because I think my friends should have other purposes besides being bothered and used. I just wish it was old school and the regular judging took place and we don't have to bother people.  You'd think they'd see how adorable Alexander is and go, "We don't need the bias friends and family voting. This kid is adorable!"

Back to Threadless, I submitted my Blue Hyacinth and Whimsical Elephant design for scoring. There's six more days left!  (Hint...Hint... If you did score, please click "share" and bother your friends and ask them to score. Okay, I don't want you to bother your friends either, but if you like the design, click "share" where it is on Threadless just to show it off...lol)
Fathers Day was Sunday, but this art update took up way too much time and the post in general. I'll post again tomorrow with my Fathers Day Sunday Doodle and some fun photos the kids and I had taken in May as a surprise for Chris for Fathers Day. It was hard not showing them off for the last month.

Until Tomorrow....

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