Monday, June 23, 2014

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I am feeling poopy about the Threadless results. Average scores for the two designs (from over 100 people) were between 2 and 3, when 5 is the best. I highlighted the submissions in THIS POST.

I'll try again with my Dr. Who design and probably my American Flag design, but my energy to get back into it is low. I'm not a wallowing in self-pity, but I'm just feeling "yuck" and frustrated about it. I have to have a kick-butt T-shirt design template/presentation. Maybe in a couple of hours or in a day I can dive back into it.  

Meanwhile, the emotion centers of the adult brains in this house have been on high. 

This move is quite the feat, and it's a marathon, not a sprint. Yesterday (Sunday) I was particularly headachy and cranky even though I finally had a real night of sleep in two days. Then I messed up the process all over again by taking a long nap on Sunday afternoon. That made last night another sleep struggle. It's like Russian Roulette around here (but with a bullet in every other barrel) if adequate sleep can be had due to the brain that won't shut off, and legs that won't stop twitching or forcing themselves to move. RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is certainly no fun. If
 only they (legs) could be detachable for the night. I could place them in a closet and they can twitch all they want and I, on the other hand, can get some sleep. That is, if my brain has already agreed to shut off as well.

Or like Friday night, try 6:00am! Saturday was quite the fun day!
In the meantime, the other two of the address number tiles came through the kiln. I put all four number tiles together and they look pretty good - other than the annoying imperfections and issues we neurotic artists see that annoy only us to no end and we'll always see even though we can't do anything about it.

Last week I also finished this design (left) that a friend asked me to create for her grandparents. She left last weekend to visit them in California, and wanted to have this for them. Their anniversary is in September and she expressed desire to have me create a follow-up. I am honored to be a part of this for her.

More projects in progress! Stay tuned! In the meantime, below is my Sunday Doodle for 6/22 with a French flair! 
June 22, 2014 Sunday Doodle with a French Flai

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