Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back to Classy

First off, here is another order for my Doctor Who Tardis design! This is for a 4th Generation iPod, and it's off to California tomorrow. I love the matte finish. 

Also, speaking of Doctor Who, our households biggest "Whovian" fan in the house left for Girls Camp this morning. These photos that were already posted on Facebook by one of her leaders shows me that camping isn't all that bad, no matter what Mikelle says!
See? I knew she could smile!
Back on the home front, you know what the most annoying part of packing and moving is? The kitchen. All the packing of plates and breakable stuff is a major tedious pain. Thankfully the kids have broken enough dishes over the years that the amount of everyday stoneware has lessened and therefore I have less of that to pack. 

Noritake Enhancement
Then I started on my wedding china and my grandma's wedding china. No one has broken the china because I've guarded it with my life.  That also means it really hasn't been used.

My wedding china, Noritaki Enhancement has two place settings. I can't remember how many we registered for back in 1994. Six place settings? Eight? It doesn't matter. We ended up with two.

A piece of my Grandma Evertsen's wedding china
My grandma's china has A LOT more than two place settings.  We've used some of her pieces for Thanksgiving a few times, but that's it.

Then it hit me. No one has nice dinner parties anymore.  I know, random thoughts! But no matter what music you have playing or what's on the TV in the background, if you're packing a lot of china, your mind wanders. 

If no one has nice dinner parties anymore, will I ever have a chance to use any of this china? I was sad to think of old movies where people dressed up everywhere they went, men wore hats, and people had nice dinner parties with their friends. And people weren't staring at their phones either. And when you went out into public, people weren't walking around in SpongeBob Pajama pants at three in the afternoon. 

Oh, don't get me wrong. I love being casual. But there's a difference between a nice T-shirt and jeans verses something like this:
Well, at least her purse is cute.
 Or this:
Why is this "okay"? And why won't this trend DIE?
Whereas this is what a casual day out shopping used to look like (left). I wish I had the picture of my grandmother out shopping with her sister. It was also taken in the 1940s and looked a lot like this picture to the left. 

No, I was still decades away from being in existence from when these 1940s photos were taken, but class has gone way downhill in less than a century.
The 1940s...even the duck face pictures looked classier!

Back to Present Day:
I looked up my wedding china and found out it was discontinued. What?! Why?! It's gorgeous. Enhancement is a classic beautiful design with just enough "modern" mixed in. It has that beautiful teal green with silver. I love it. A lot of my tastes have changed since I was a teenager picking out my wedding china, but this isn't one of them.

One site that contained additional information said: "Noritake Enhancement (4035) was produced from 1993 to August 2007." 

Not only has it been discontinued, but it was discontinued seven years ago! That shows how much I've been paying attention.

Now I have all the reason to build up my Enhancement collection. There are ways to get replacements. However, it'll be more difficult since it's been discontinued for awhile. However, when I do, I'm going to have dinner parties. I know that sounds weird in Wild West Wickenburg where people just show up to parties, grab a paper plate and fix their hot dog, but I'm doing it anyway. 

And I actually don't have to wait to build up my Enhancement collection. I have my grandma's beautiful china with plenty of place settings.  I'll have plenty of room (the new house we're trying to build will have plenty of room. Not the rental we're initially moving into). And anyone that doesn't live nearby who doesn't want to drive all the way home that same evening can stay overnight. I already have my eye on a red sectional for the basement that'll have a pull out sleeper, and I can make one of the kids bunk together to free up one of their bedrooms.

And hopefully that'll be the only time I see any of the guests in pajama pants. 

Stay Classy!

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