Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Dog Days

I wanted to do an art update of a more freestyle project I've been working on, but it's not ready yet. It could have been. When I have had time to sit down and work, I've had a tough time focusing.  There's really no excuse for not accomplishing more this week. My friend Dawn has had my kids practically living at her house. They are angels over there and she loves having them. In fact, when I went over there to check on things, Alexander and Christian got into a scrap about something. I dealt with it and apologized to Dawn. She replied, "they didn't fight once until you got here."

Well, at least I'm comforted to know that when they're not in my presence, they behave. Maybe I should see some hidden camera footage so I can see what that looks like. 

Dawn also takes Mikelle and Christian to our neighborhood pool. I am a lousy mom when it comes to that. I want nothing to do with the sun, so if I do take them, it's after 6pm when the sun is behind some of the tall trees.  I've made it clear that I'm a vampire. However, I don't sparkle. I sweat without even thinking, but I don't sparkle. 

And I don't live in Washington state. 

If someone handed me a copy of Twilight and said all I have to do is read the trilogy and I'm all packed and moved to Washington complete with careers to make Chris and I both happy, I'd do it.  

I'd even watch the stupid movies if it meant a signing bonus too. 

I have had to brave some of the sun and heat with Alexander's swimming lessons that began this week. He is doing quite well and has no fear. That makes it easy for his instructor, but not for my nerves until he does swim well on his own. 


He's wearing Christian's old swimming trunks. But it turns out, they're still too big and he would almost lose them in the water. By Lesson 3, Alexander was back in his trunks from last year. Those are an 18-24 Month size, because like all my kids, he has no butt. 

I'll have to get some photos next week of his lessons in action.  

And you know it's hot around here when I go into our Fry's and come out with two boxes of Otter Pops and two other boxes of firecracker popsicles because those are already frozen and we can enjoy those while waiting for the Otter Pops to freeze. 

I don't know how many Otter Pops I've been through this week, but my mouth is feeling quite raw. That reminds me, I better head back to store for another box. I'll do that when the sun goes down.

And  I wouldn't be surprised if my freezer looks like this before too long.

Seligman, AZ Route 66
Anyway, onto Throwback Thursday.  This is almost 7 years ago when we drove through Seligman on our way to Las Vegas and then Cedar City, Utah. Christian was 3 and Mikelle was a couple weeks away from turning 7. 

The "Road Kill Cafe" in Seligman is where the infamous "spoons" picture was taken. Yeah, there were a lot of French tourists around us. I'm sure they thought us locals were a little whack. Makes sense. ;-)

Chris had a business thing in Vegas, so we dropped him off there after hanging there for a night at the Bally's hotel and swimming at the pool there the next morning. 

Then the kids and I headed a few hours northeast to Cedar City, Utah to stay with my friend, Lara. Chris may have been lonely back in Vegas, but something tells me he wasn't:

My Mom and sister Rebecca came down to Cedar City from Idaho with her kids. Since being outdoors is actually possible in the summer in Cedar City, we did an early birthday celebration for Mikelle at the park. However, one thing she didn't like was the wind blew out her candles, so she wasn't able to blow them out. If you couldn't tell, she wasn't too flexible on that turn of events.
But it was a happy occasion most of the time!

Mikelle and her cousin Garon. Brisa behind them.
Well, enough of that walk down Memory Lane. I can't belive that was seven years ago! When we returned from the trip I started my K-8 teaching position at Heartland down in Coolidge. Wow.

Until next time...

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