Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Timey Wimey Artsy Fartsy Stuff

And Dizzy Wizzy Stuff! 

This has been a weird morning. Wednesday is one of Alexander's pre-school days, so for me that means working out. 

I dropped him off and then went to the clubhouse and ran three miles on the treadmill. 

I had a strange dizzy feeling before I started, but I dismissed it. After the run (and I did push myself rather hard this time too...) I then wanted to work on upper legs and abdominals. That lasted just a couple reps when the I was overcome with a crazy dizzy feeling and I suddenly felt really sick to my stomach. 

I figured it was best to just go home, so I started to head out but only made it to one of the couches in the lobby. I lied down there for awhile and then managed to drive home. I went directly to the shower like I always do, but I found myself overcome by the dizziness again. I had to sit down in the shower! And it's not exactly one of those fancy showers with a built in bench or anything. I threw on a robe and lied down on my bed. Anytime I stood up, the dizziness and feeling was so disgusting. At one point I was certain I was going to throw up. I even stumbled to the kitchen to try to grab a granola bar and lie back down, but I didn't feel like putting anything in my mouth. That is not typical, as I'm always hungry after working out. 

Luckily I had my Ipod (music for the work out) within reach and I was able to message
Alexander's pre-school teacher and tell her my situation as it didn't look like I was going to be able to go pick him up in the next 20 minutes. She was able to hang onto him afterwards for a little while as she had some other kids at the house as well. He joined some other kids for a picnic lunch in her backyard. 
I fell asleep for about 45 minutes and I seemed to be alright when I woke up. I went to pick up Alexander and I was fine. A few minutes after picking him up I felt the twinge of the dizziness again, but not as like I was before. I just hope I'm not sick (or worse - a symptom of something really bad) and it's some strange fluke. Well, I did have to chase Alexander down the street at one point, barefoot, so that didn't help. 


Dr. Who Tribute Art

Anyway...above is the latest artwork  for the Whovians out there! Am I a Whovian? Only by association. Chris and Mikelle are huge Dr. Who fans. And if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have discovered that I am in love with David Tennant, the tenth doctor. 

So even though I'm not into Dr. Who like they are, I don't think it's much of a problem. Plus, having Mikelle into Dr. Who is a blessing compared to all kinds of other things she could like. This is a sweet deal. And she likes David Tennant too and converse shoes!

She has nice taste. Just like her mother. 

Never mind the chick in the picture. It was supposed to be me. ;-)
I love the Vincent Van Gogh story line as well, but that's the wrong doctor. Booo! Still, I was drawn to the Tardis/Van Gogh artwork from that storyline.It helped move along my interest in wanting to make some Whovian tribute art. And the red-head Amy companion is my favorite of the companion girls. I just wish it was still David Tennant. Matt Smith's demeanor and chizzled face does nothing for me. However, I gave him credit in the artwork as well.

Mikelle with her Tardis Van Gogh poster Christmas morning!
Almost complete!
I made sure to also show some mobile phone designs that the Tardis area of the work would look like. I'm hoping this moves things along in my shop! There are quite the Dr. Who fans out there.
The original artwork will go into Mikelle's room as I promised, and I've made prints available. There's been a lot of response to the Whovian artwork as being positive, but no sales yet! I discounted the prices until Valentines Day, so I hope that helps move things along. 

Anyway, I have some things to catch up on since I spent the morning lying down all weirded out from this dizzy thing, so it's time to go. 

We toured the Gilbert Temple last Friday and I'll cover that in my next post. 

Until next time...

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