Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"The Wedding Night", Another Sunday Doodle, and the Beauty of the Temple

"The Wedding Night" Copyright February 2014 Jill Henrichsen
"The Wedding Night" 

This is the final of the trio of romantic-themed work for the Valentines season, titled "The Wedding Night". 

I have been frustrated with the color harmony (or shall I say, disharmony) in this one, so it's probably going to have some changes before it's officially listed and declared finished

Perhaps just stepping away from it for a few days and coming back for some touch-ups will help in what needs to happen to bring it together. 

This (left) is my latest "Sunday Doodle". No, I don't only doodle on Sundays. I just need to draw on something at church and sometimes when I'm not involved with teaching, I have time to just listen and draw. I currently teach the 10-11 year old girls, but only every other week as I partner with another teacher for the girls. Therefore, on the Sundays that I am not assigned to teach, I especially have more time for idle relaxing with the paper and pen.

In this one, think of the "Winter Rain" message as a fervent prayer for rain.

 It didn't rain today, but it was beautiful as if it did. It was overcast with temperatures in the high 50s. If I lived where it was like this all the time (or often), I know I could train for a marathon! The run I took this morning was just perfect with the crisp air and no glaring sunlight. 

And later, Chris and I had to take our car in to get the AC fixed (better to get it fixed now then wait until it gets warm again, which will probably be in about 10 minutes the way things go around here), and we had Alexander with us. While waiting for the car diagnosis, we took a little walk with him in the stroller (well, he was whining, but I'll leave that part out...lol) and it was just so gorgeous with same overcast from this morning. 

The Gilbert, Arizona Temple 


Gilbert, Arizona LDS Temple
I am tearing up as I attempt to write about the Gilbert Temple because I am overcome with emotion. I am in awe of the beauty of that building. So many critics in their rude and accusatory tones desire to call the marble staircases, stain-glass, huge chandelier and other fine materials as some kind of "boasting" as if it's some kind of expensive worldly mansion meant for us Mormons to "show off". 

Sadly, that is where they are misunderstanding the purpose of our temples. 

Such fine materials are used solely to honor God. I personally have been inside* a few temples (Mesa, Arizona of course, Salt Lake City Utah Temple, Jordan River Utah Temple, Logan Utah Temple, Manti Utah Temple, San Diego California Temple, and the Snowflake Arizona Temple) and the beauty of the Gilbert Temple strikes me in ways I didn't expect. 

*I've also been to other temples, but the list I just gave are the temples I've been inside.

The San Diego California temple is still my favorite, but I am certain the Gilbert Temple is a close second. 

Sadly, because we're moving to Wickenburg, the Gilbert temple won't be "our" local temple anymore, as the Phoenix temple is set to open this summer (pictured in this entry back in June). However, I know we'll still be around a few times to take advantage of its beauty and participate in temple work. Plus, I am excited about the Phoenix Temple. Phoenix is where I was born, and even though I wish to live out of state, it is exciting to have a Temple in Phoenix as well.


Back to the Gilbert Temple. When I created this artwork (left) back in 2011 for the Gilbert Temple, I was unaware of the significance of the Agave (pronounced A-Gav-eh) plant in its designs, motifs and symbolism. 

And after touring the inside of the Gilbert Temple with some friends about a week ago (night before the Color Run, to be exact) and seeing so much of the Agave in the designs, especially in the stained glass, I knew I had to make a second "edition" of the Gilbert Temple design. 

That is definitely on the top of a short list of projects I have planned.

Look at this stained glass (below) from the Gilbert Temple with the Agave plant. If this doesn't scream "inspiration" for the subsequent Gilbert Temple design I have on the horizon, I don't know what does!

The San Diego, California Temple

And below is my San Diego Temple motif. My friend Tonya Naef expressed interest in having one of my designs for the temple where she and her husband Brad were married. Since the San Diego temple was one of my favorite temples, I had no problem having San Diego as the next temple design I created and then providing Tonya with a print. 

I still think this is my favorite (so far) of my temple designs.

Well, as usual, I'm up too late and I need to wrap this up. I told Chris I wanted to go back to the Gilbert Temple Open House at least one more time before the dedication. We'll see if we can squeeze it in. 

It's now February! Last full month of winter and probably the last month of true cool temperatures. Let's try to enjoy it and not have time pass too fast. 

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