Friday, January 3, 2014

Hello 2014

Yes, bad photo quality, I know. Camera issues are afoot!
Short entry to usher in 2014. 

New Years Eve came and went. Chris and I went to see "Saving Mr. Banks" (great movie! Go see it!) and we were home before 10:30. That may sound lame, but this year, I was perfectly fine with that. Some New Year's Eves have parties and more pomp and circumstance. And other New Year's Eves do not. This was one of those kicking back years.

The Gilbert LDS Temple is about to open, so the Open House buzz is amidst. I am also promoting my Gilbert Temple artwork, though I'm a little surprised there isn't much interest in it. There has been in the past. I would think right now would be a perfect time for more interest to pick up, however, that's not the case at the time that I write this. I also made one of my small 5x5 on 6x6 Canvas of the print and listed it separately. I guess I'll have to be trying to promote again.

Pictured with the YW Theme adhered on 6x6 Black Canvas.
I'm trying to dive into this new year. We need to break ground on the Wickenburg house and if I'm being vague about the slowness of the process, it's because I don't want to show too much emotion on here and look like a psycho. Therefore, I'll keep it at an even keel.

Until next time...

I know, wasn't this entry just the most exhilarating experience?

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