Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Suffer Well

This week's "Sunday Doodle"
I really don't cry that much. I really don't. However, lately, it seems like I do. Have you ever been so upset or emotional about something and you just cannot keep it together? Then when someone asks if you're okay and tries to help or comfort you, it causes you cry even more? 

Damn, I hate that. 

I don't hate what the loved ones and friends are trying to do in those moments. I just hate how it can be compared to a crack in the dam and the only thing that blocks a breach and the floodgates is a mere finger plugging the leak. 

When someone notices you're upset, it's like removing that finger and the water pours out. 

No need to be concerned about what caused the above scenario recently. I have alluded in more ways than one, and often with humor, that life is hard. As the song goes, "I just hang on...and suffer well...sometimes it's hard...hard to tell..." * And that "suffering" doesn't suggest that all is bad and going wrong. 

It simply means that even when you're working for something and working in the right direction, there are still roadblocks, setbacks, or even a huge tree in the road that makes it seem impossible to traverse. I recently used the analogy with a friend about trying to reach the top of the mountain. The goal is the top of the mountain, of course. However, who is to say that the trail isn't tough? Maybe there are multiple trails leading to the summit and some are much tougher than others. What about if you choose to  venture off the marked trail and you're still progressing to the top, but you find yourself with a harder route due to the change of route?

Yeah, it's like that.

I do want to state again how grateful I am for the friends and loved ones around me. Some of them are nearby and some are further away. Today's technology helps in that they don't have to feel as far away as they really are. As for the friends that are nearby, it will be hard to leave them when we move across town. 

And some additional thoughts that seem more than appropriate to close out this entry: 

*The Depeche Mode song "Suffer Well" was written by the vocalist, Dave Gahan, seen in the video. It is about his journey through hell. While the song is specifically about him and his experiences and mistakes, I cannot deny the message and how I can relate to his demons (replacing them with my own), past heartaches, and memories - only to make it through and look back knowing you "suffered well".

...And T-minus 4 days to the Color Run 5K!

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