Sunday, January 12, 2014

Seven Things (Part One)

Due to the heaviness of the last two entries, I figured I'd lighten up with this next one. I saw this posted on Facebook and thought it would be a fun blog entry. Of course with all the 7s, I think of Monica on Friends going "Seven! Seven!!" lol

7 Everyday Things I Couldn't Live Without:

    1. My Diet Pepsi (it's the last vice I have left!)
     2. AC/Heat (mostly AC)
     3. Fans
          I laugh at the interior design programs and try to talk
          people out of having ceiling fans. I know they're not a
          design "do", but they're a survival "do".
     4. Shelter/Curtains/Shade
     5. Indoor Plumbing
     6. Microwave Oven
     7. Dishwasher (even though the one we have now is a 
                                 piece of crap)

7 of My Favorite Songs

This is tough to narrow down. Just on Saturday NPR posted Tell Us the Six Songs of Your Life saying:
Everybody has a playlist — songs you carry in your head and in your heart that remind you of sometime or someplace or someone. You hear the song; you remember. You remember; you hear the song. Like an optical illusion, two memories braided together in your soul.If you could tell your life story — chronologically, up to now — in six songs, what would they be? Because I was thinking of poignant songs/music and times of my life that would make up such a soundtrack, this was the list I used to answer their question: 
  • "What's the Matter Here?" 10,000 maniacs  (this YouTube contains the audio) Lyrics be found here.
  • "Watching the Wheels " John Lennon. This entry from April 2011 mentions the significance of this song.
  • "What it Takes" Aerosmith (This YouTube has the song with the lyrics)
  • "The One" Elton John 
               It has to be a really amazing lovesong for me to buy into a sappy ballad. I find more ballads that   
               are powerful and passionate (such as rock ballads, "What it Takes" above it a perfect example) 
               to drive the point home to me. However, Elton John's "The One" knocked it out of the of the  
               park in 1993.
               Alexander coming to our family was so significant in different ways. We weren't sure we were 
               going to have him after what we went through with bringing his brother Christian into the world. 
               Then we took a leap a faith and Alexander was going to join our family. I loved that I was going 
                to have a baby around Christmas. And bringing him home from the hospital on Christmas Eve 
               was an added bonus that we didn't expect.
               Life is hard. We know it. I think I made it clear in the last two entries. However, it doesn't 
               mean we have to be miserable despite the difficulties. Thomas S. Monson said "Enjoy the      
               Journey Now" (it's actually says that in the branch on the top left corner of my current blog  

There is supposed to be another song for a seventh favorite song. Well, favorite songs and songs for a soundtrack can be quite different. I'll stick with the above list for now since I'm in the "soundtrack" frame of mind.  

7 Pastimes I Never Tire of Doing

I couldn't exactly say I never tire, but I find enjoyable:
1. Drawing
2. Watercolor/Painting
3. Paper Piecing/Scrapbooking
4. Napping
5. Eating out. We've cut down on it quite a bit, but I still love it.  
6. Planning, dreaming of designs, home designs, re-purposing to create a more fun and funky or beautiful space, etc. The whole package of what that entrails.
7. I love browsing in stores when it can be alone and without rushing. It's a Catch 22 though. Because if I don't have the money, seeing things I cannot have rains on that parade. At the same time, I love the inspiration and ideas I can get from it.

Next entry? The rest of the list and some of the recent artwork I've completed.

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