Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Technology is not my friend today. And NO, it's not because I'm older than Millennials who were born with a device in their hands as if they were welcomed into a Borg collective ready to be linked up to the hive. No. It's because some of these new "easy" features do not translate well with the way my brain works. I am quite computer literate - just wired for it in a different way. Some of these advances are not compatible with the my technological dialect. 

I am quite frustrated this morning. 

Before I post our pictures (and a cute video) from Christmas, I'll announce the January 25th I've committed to a 5K ColorRun. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, and it's now or never. Plus, this is a fun route near ASU that covers Tempe Town Lake and the nice park area north of there along Curry. I am stronger on a treadmill, as I need to be out of the sun, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice for this. However, I am praying for overcast and cooler temperatures. 

Color Run Pictures from around the nation:

Christmas 2013
Christmas was really quiet, since our family has all moved away. It would be nice if they would come down to see us instead of expecting us to visit them every few years. Yes, I'm sad about it and having a hard time with the Christmas blues. We have some other family around here and there, but they seem to want to celebrate with their own families. It would be nice to see them on Christmas or Christmas Eve, but I don't want to invite myself. Christmas and Thanksgiving is just any other day lately. It's been a struggle of mine. At least we have some of our own traditions we are creating, such as Alexander's birthday. It would just be nice to have more family around to celebrate with.  Obviously my Christmas Blues have not ended, despite Christmas being over for another year.

Anyway, off my little pity party, here is some of our Christmas morning highlights:

Chris and his History of Mathematics Book
Mikelle with her Tardis Van Gogh poster (pssst....Santa secretly got one for Mom and Dad too...)
Tickets to a Phoenix broadcast of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" in February!
Alexander loving the Christmas morning excitement
Christian with one of his Minecraft shirts
The good camera broke last week and its in the camera hospital awaiting diagnosis. Therefore, as we were about to leave later, we had to take turns taking pictures with the kids.
Later before leaving to see the lights at the Temple grounds! Mom and the Boys
Dad and his Kiddos
Mom and X-man
Mom and her kiddos
We went to the temple grounds to see the lights. We tried to take a few pictures there, but those didn't really turn out. However, this really cute video of Alexander turned out. 

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