Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Cuteness OVERLOAD

(disclaimer: These are so adorable you need a soundtrack to view them. Depending on your mood, open a new tab and may I suggest this one for sentimentally and sweetness (you need it especially for the last picture) or this one for summer fun, but ignore the vid and just enjoy the music if you happen to scare

Seriously, can you take this much cuteness? It's an overload. I've been blessed with that kind of Cuteness-Overload in all 3 of my goofballs.

This week I got pics of AleXander in the water. It involved me having to put on a swimsuit (my apologies to everyone there that had to see that) and get in there with him. But it was worth frightening everyone. The adorable results hopefully canceled out my scary appearance.

On Facebook, my cousin Katie put it perfect: Are you kidding me with this? He is so damn cute! I wanna eat him!

And here he is after we dried him off. Love that tongue. It finds its way into his smiles often!

He is trying to sit up! He is quite the "rolly" kid (not just cute baby fat rolls, but he literally rolls over and rolls over).

And later that evening..........

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