Saturday, June 25, 2011

Session 2, Lesson 2! Plus a fishy intro.....

The second art class of session II was interesting. I learned that no matter how many projects you have planned, some of the kids will blow through them so fast, you're left with ample time to figure out how to keep them occupied. I should have known this already from teaching K-8, but those classes were 50 minutes each, not two hours like these summer sessions at home. I also learned that with this session I need help. Thank you Lauren for being an awesome teaching assistant!

I presented Matisse's "Beasts of the Sea" (top, left) and how it was going to be used as inspiration using collage techniques with tissue paper and colored construction paper.

Putting together their own composition:

And the fun results! Seriously, if these could be framed and hung on a wall, it makes such a beautiful addition! I'll consider having Mikelle and Christian make a few more of these and we can get them framed and mounted for a fun area of the house in Wickenburg (when we build it of course! By then I'm sure AleXander can contribute!)

Tomorrow is Lesson 3 of Session 2, and Watercolor Discovery will make its way back PLUS, a colorful watercolor fish project. Despite some emotional crises, I had Mikelle and Christian going to town on this one.

You start with a black crayon and fill the surface of the watercolor paper with a fun profile of a fish. Put in fins and sections. Here is Christian's:

Then using watercolor paint, artist fills in the sections with vibrant color as demonstrated by Christian and Mikelle:

After it dries, the artist goes over the black crayon sections again.

Then cut out the fishy with a white "bubble" around it. (Yes, Mikelle is a lefty!)

Select a colored piece of construction paper and glue it on the colored paper:

I did this project with some of my elementary school students back at Heartland a couple years ago. Here is their impressive "school of fish" on the wall of the classroom. As you can see, some collage or just simple drawing elements can be added for more sea-life emphasis!

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