Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Art Lessons - Lesson Two!

Today was the second art lesson of the first Session.

We continued to work on the foil art project and found out that despite the instructions calling for "shoe polish", "scuff remover" works better.

Here is one that was finished because the scuff remover was used instead. Awesome job! I had my doubts and frustration about this project, but now that we found the right combination of materials to accomplish it, it's a success!

The rest of the Watercolor Discoveries were finished!

Now onto the Desert Landscapes with warm colors. Here they are adding their desert elements:

And thanks to our own hot dry air outside, the paintings were able to dry rather quick and we could move onto the ink pen stage! The final results were awesome!

I have the project in mind for next Monday's session, but because Fathers Day is the following weekend, things might be "tweaked" a bit. :-)

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