Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day!!!

I haven't posted the masterpieces for the final lesson for Session 4, but it's very involved and I don't want to put off a Fathers Day post(that would take less time)! Therefore, if you're waiting for the Lesson 4 stuff, it will be in the next day or so. I promise.

Here is the frame with the photo that the kids made for Chris.
We also got him two T-shirts : one was a Brazil T-shirt (I think it brings his amount of Brazil Ts to three now) and Muppets shirt that is a play on the classic Beatles Abby Road Picture. I also got a him a stash of dark chocolate. I wanted to do something with this pic - or the one after that- for Fathers Day (see bib), but Chris has reminded me that his desk at work is already inundated with pictures, so I don't know.
And we were going to have a nice pre-church Fathers Day pic with the kids, but let's just say a major discipline issue with one of the them thwarted that into oblivion (and caused us to take 2 cars to church). Therefore, the best we were able to do is this pic of Chris and the kids at dinnertime, and a close-up of his chocolate metal (that he also wore to church)!

And ending with this Fathers Day humor:

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