Sunday, June 12, 2011

Funky Cats and Kissy Faces!

Tomorrow for the third lesson of Session I Summer Art Classes, Oil Pastels will be introduced along with a modern artist, Laurel Burch. She died only 4 years ago, but her bright colorful art lives on. She did all kinds of colorful "folk art" using animals. Tomorrow we will zero in on cats. Why? It's a simple animal to start with as far as learning to draw, and it helps later when it comes to drawing dogs, tigers, rodents and other animals. Even if you're not a "cat person" (I'm not), it's hard not to have fun introducing the use of oil pastels in this way with the inspiration of Laurel Burch and to pay truibute to her contributions to the art world!

Laurel Burch with some of her Cat Designs!

I had my own little art subjects busy tonight in their "funky cat" mode in preparations for tomorrow's class and to help with the techniques and examples:

We start with oil pastels on a colored piece of paper. Oil pastels are like fancy crayons. They're greasy and fun to blend! Sometimes they take some getting used to, but then they become addicting! (at least for me). In my experience from teaching ages 5 to 18, kids love them!

Christian's Funky Cat:

Mikelle's Funky Cat:

My Funky Cat I used to demonstrate and show some oil pastel techniques, including blending, etc.

Moving on...AleXander experienced the swimming pool for the first time this week. I didn't get a chance to get a picture of him in the water yet, but here he his modeling his swimming duds on Thursday:

And gee, where could all that lipstick on his face could have possibly come from earlier today?

Daddy? Is she going to stop?

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