Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Session 2 Kick-Off! Collage with Picasso and Matisse!

Monday was the first lesson of Session 2. We began with the concept of "collage" and the students were told about Pablo Picasso. Picasso was famous for many innovative techniques, including the use of collage in mainstream popular art. His 1921 work "The Three Musicians" was to be the inspiration for our first project.

I love the "Three Musicians" Collage lesson because it works with all grade levels. I've taught it with the young grades and modified it for high school. This link takes you to an older blog entry that shows my elementary school musicians and click here to see some of the high school students' Three Musician Collages from Fall 2010.

Music influences us all and in different ways. Therefore, a piece of artwork from 90 years ago can still speak to us today, because music is still a part of our lives and will be in one way or another. That is another reason I love this project so much - this lesson in art history doesn't feel like a stuffy art history lesson. It really inspires students (all grades) to come up with their own musical "composition" in collage.

And quite the variety of musical results!!!

Matisse-Inspired Tissue Paper Collage

For tomorrow's lesson, we're taking the Collage approach into more of an "abstract" direction with bright colors. Our artwork of inspiration is 1950's "Beasts of the Sea" by Henri Matisse.

Tonight I had my own personal art subjects (age 10 and age 7 offspring) work on this project.

Taking Matisse's composition as inspiration, the transparent colorful effects are achieved with tissue paper in squares or rectangular shapes. They can be arranged however the artist wants, but some overlapping is encouraged.

On top of the tissue paper are the swirls and other shapes.

Once the tissue paper is glued on a large portion of the paper surface and the artist is happy with the composition, the swirls and other shapes are added.

And here are Mikelle and Christian's final results of their Matisse collage!

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  1. I should have tissue paper!!UGH!!Thank you for sharing this. It's awesome!