Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We interrupt this Oregon vacation to mention scrapbooking!

We interrupt this Oregon vacation to give fellow scrappers a heads-up to possible free scrapbooking supplies! For details, head over to Happy Daisy's blog at


for a chance to enter free scrapbooking supplies. This is a valid interruptioon to the Oregon paradise that I get to be a part of for a few more days, because enough photos have been taken of this trip alone to yield many layouts!

Today in Oregon, Christian and I just going to kick back. I'm going to take him to a local park (not the cool one in Lincoln City, though it would be cool to go back there) and MAYBE we'll have dinner out. Maybe. Who knows. I want to do more lesson plan work for the upcoming school year, but Christian gets too much cabin fever when I get involved in something. We'll have to see!

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