Saturday, June 13, 2009

More cool and GREEN perfection...

I wish I could post my pictures right now, but unless I go have a CD made somewhere, it's not possible. Therefore, the pictures will have to wait until I return home. For the time being, these pictures will have to do.

Also, to see what Mikelle has been up to in Idaho, see my sister's blog here titled "Our June So Far..."


Yesterday (6/12), Christian and I went to the Aquarium in Newport. This picture is one of the sea otters there. We were watching one of their feeding times just before we left.

Below is the Deep Sea area where the fish are above you, around you and below you. Christian kept jumping on the "sea"-thru floor area wanting it to break. That's a 5 year old boy for you. We visited this aquarium right after Christmas a year and half ago. However, Christian will probably have more memory of this visit.

I have a picture of Christian in front of these jellyfish from yesterday, and I believe, one of Mikelle from our Christmastime 2007 visit. I especially liked this jellyfish tank because of the complimentary colors of orange and blue and how it makes the other color pop out with interest. I think I'll use one of these orange and blue jellyfish pictures in one of my color lessons this upcoming school year.


Today (6/14), we stopped at the Seal Rock beach area before having lunch in Newport and then off Lincoln City, which is about 20 miles north of Newport. Christian was very excited about the shells all over the beach and all the birds. There were starfish and seal sightings as well.

It is so hard to believe that it's June. It's in the 50s and 60s, and for the majority of the day, the sun was present. But unlike home, it wasn't too much sunlight and it didn't feel like you were sitting under a heatlamp like a hamburger at a fast food joint. And there were plenty of beautiful lush trees for shade and then some clouds would come and go. It wasn't until about 5pm that the clouds started coming in much more abundant and causing some sprinking. Absolutely refreshing. I can do June like this anyday!!! The sun and I wouldn't have such a turbulant relationship if I could experience it up here.

Below is Regetta Park in Lincoln City which isn't too far from the beach, but is located on Devils Lake, as you can see in this picture. Christian just loved playing here. This is the way a summer day should be. Being able to be outside! What a concept! I still cannot get over how beautiful the area is.

This is my 4th or 5th (?) time to Oregon and each time I marvel at how the houses don't have to look alike, no one has yards with only rocks, and the color green is valued and not every empty plot of land is paved over with Home Depots and Wal-Marts. It is amazing. I've only seen one Wal-Mart since I've been here on the coast. If the same mindset existed up here that existed down at home, there would be one every 3 miles. :-( It's disgusting. Unfortuantely, that's the brown, hot, yucky reality I get to return to in a few days. But I'll try not to think about that right now, and enjoy this reality, where beauty is preserved and valued.

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  1. Sounds absolutely lovely. I'm glad you get a respite from the desert for a while.

    And I hate living in a neighborhood where every house is the same except for the color of your siding...and even then there are only three options. Michigan was like Oregon that cool that each house had its own character.