Sunday, June 21, 2009

Photos of Day 2 and 3 of PARADISE....

Seal Rock, Newport, Lincoln City 6/13/09
The second day of our trip, we explored more of Newport's Bayfront, but not before stopping at Seal Rock State Park and beach area on the way in. Here is Christian with the seal rocks behind him. And the trek on the way down to the beach area:

I love this shot. Beautiful view of the beach ahead and the surrounding area:
And here we are after making our way down. It seems the only okay pictures of me for the whole trip were from the aquarium. So there's going to be a lot of Christian!

We did see some seals off in the distance, but the seal pictures that I'll post are from two days later at Yaquina Head Lighthouse area.

Aren't these the most cool looking trees? This is on our way back up to the car at Seal Rock.

Newport and Lincoln City
After Seal Rock, we headed back into Newport for lunch at Mo's on the Bayfront. I really wanted to get a picture of both of us here outside of Mo's on the bay, because the four of us took a family picture here a year and half ago. But there was really nowhere to set up the camera for the timer and Christian was extra energized for me to pursue finding someone to take the picture. (Funny, in uploading this picture, I couldn't figure out why I called it "NewportCrapSign". Then I realized it was a typo for the word "crab". )
After trying to replace a pair of star earrings I bought here a year and half ago because one of them got lost (they were sold out of them!), and trying a couple other stores they recommended to find the same earrings with no luck (so Georgia, when you hit the Bayfront in Newport, if you could keep checking the "Sea Chest" there on the west side of Mo's Annex for those little star earrings, that would be great!), we headed to Lincoln City.

It was our first time to Lincoln City. This is my third Oregon coast trip, but the first time to Lincoln City. Christian and I did some driving and exploring (which Christian didn't really prefer) and driving around Devils Lake.
We finally stopped at Regetta Park, as I mentioned in an earlier entry, and Christian really enjoyed it here. The lake view is beautiful. This is a great little park! I don't know why it's called Devils Lake. I have an opposite name for it. Again, I would love to live where you can go to a park in June and sit outside like this. This is the perfect year-round climate for me. Just perfect.

Lake view and little swimming area from the park:

Christian loved playing with the steering wheel. This rustic-themed park was a great thing for the community to do!

6/14/09 Governor Patterson Beach Waldport, OR
The following day was Sunday, so we just kicked back. We went down to the beach near where we were staying. Christian calls this "Papa's Beach" because it's down the street from his Papa's house, where we were staying. This is him writing his name in the sand:

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  1. LOVe all the pictures. Oregon is definately one of my favorite places. I did get your email about Idaho/Mikelle Pictures....I will email them, but life is crazy. Jana had surgery today and Scott is in Utah working, so I am it. I will say that I didn't get too camera happy though. Other then BearWorld there really is not much. SORRY :( I guess we have to realize that if I wasn't around not one single picture would of been taken. I will email very soon.