Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 4 Photos: Yaquina Head Lighthouse and beautiful surroundings!

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Newport June 15th

My June 15th post from that day includes additional information. But here are the actual photos. There were a couple photos with me in them, but I am not happy with the results. It was like I gained 15 pounds in the face alone in only 2 days or something. And I only had one vacation "cheat" meal of fried shrimp and clam chowder. What's that all about? Anyway, here are the exterior lighthouse photos. If you look closely, Christian's pants are on backwards. SOMEONE wasn't paying attention when we got ready that morning.

One of the northern viewpoints of the coast and north of Newport next to the lighthouse. Gorgeous, isn't it? 60s, breezy, perfect! In art-speak, this is referred to as a "Worm's Eye View".
One of the cliff-side views of the northern part of the little lighthouse peninsula:

Interior lighthouse stairwell!

Christian checking out the French lens on the top as it blinked. His worry about the blinking and insisting that the light was broken made the guide at the top way more angry than was merited. Good grief. Pick your battles, man.

Next, we headed down the cliffs (with trails and stairways, of course) on the south end of the little peninsula there. You can see the stairway trails on the far right. I didn't edit this photo. Hence why the lighthouse suddenly looks like it's in Pisa, Italia! It's not. It's straight, I promise. I was the one who was off kilter, not the lighthouse.

LOTS of Seals!
I tweaked some of my seal photos to get a better view. Still kicking myself at forgetting to bring the super-duper zoom lens. I know, I won't let it go because I'm still kicking myself.

See this guy poking his head up to say hi? (Click on these photos to get a better look!)

Numerous seals in the water and on the rocks! Especially on the rocks in this shot! And that's not dirt on the photo. It's birds in the sky.

Southern view of Newport, on our way out of Yaquina Head.
(If you look closely, you can see other wildlife in the water. Human surfers)

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  1. I love lighthouses, very jealous. They look so fun. Christian is a doll of course. The seals are very fun, did Christian like seeing them?

  2. Ooh, beautiful pictures. I love lighthouses. I drive hubby nuts trying to visit every lighthouse around if we go on vacation near the water.