Sunday, January 25, 2015

Frozen Fire Slabs and Feet

Frozen Fire is the public title for this piece. I had been wondering how to title this work, but then I realized I needed to have my own working title, but then for the sake of listing the artwork, it needed it's own alternative title. Therefore, Frozen Fire it is. 

This seems to be as good of a place as any to list what I'm thankful for.

1. My crazy family. The small space we're in sure makes things interesting. And when we're in the car for more than an hour at a time? Even better. But there was a funny moment of "good crazy" last night when all three of them went through this whole ("I'm a Bear, etc...) bit... verbatim. (click) I'm sure if anyone outside of our crazy bubble witnessed that, they would have no idea what was going on. But it made perfect sense to us! lol 

Of course when the new house is done, it won't stop our crazy, but at least we'll have more space to exist within it.

2. The progress on our home. Pictures below show the concrete slab of the first level. Exciting!

3. Chris putting up with me. Friday night was a prime example of this. We were celebrating Valentines Day early because of the date of a show ("You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up!") in Downtown Phoenix we wanted to see. Our dinner plans beforehand were ruined due to an accident on the freeway that ate up all our dinner time. Let's just say I didn't handle it well because I wanted the nice and relaxing dinner before the show. That wasn't to be. (I know, I was being a brat about silly First World problems....what about the people in the wreck? Probably more important!) And the traffic with the stupid detours because of the accident were not helping. And I was hungry. 

Then, it turned out I did not choose the best footwear for the walking the few blocks necessary from parking, to the theater, and then to the late dinner (but the shoes were perfect for the fashion ensemble!). A certain scene from Friends comes to mind. This was the only YouTube of it I could find. The scene is over after almost 3 minutes in.  Plus, Chandler's impatience is also quite relateable to what Chris had to put up with (though I can't get enough of "why don't you check my saddlebags while I chew on a bale of hay?!" lol)
Like Monica's boots, my footwear looked fabulous, but were not meant to walk the required measly 3-4 blocks. You know, walking barefoot in downtown Phoenix is underrated. Try it. It's not bad.
Adorable - but unfit for walking...!
3. Renters in our Queen Creek home. Maybe this is a premature post as nothing is official yet, but it looks as if we'll have new renters immediately after our current ones move out next month. Crossing our fingers!

Floor! Woo Hoo!
4. Good friends. After showing our new potential renters the house yesterday (Saturday), we hung out at Bruce and Liz's. They immediately asked us if we were staying over. We wouldn't be able to that time, as our ward (congregation start time) starts at 9am the following morning (don't get me started on that...we don't even share our building with any other wards...a 10am start time would be SOOO much better  and make much more sense!), but I was so grateful that they're the kind of friends that wouldn't mind if we did crash overnight again. It was sure tempting to do so considering we arrived back on this end of the world at midnight. 

I do hope I can host plenty of overnight crashers when our home is done!

A new week is upon us. Who knows...I might be able to start subbing for the local district this week.


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