Monday, January 19, 2015

Brick and Mortar

How do you build a house? One brick at a time.  

These latest photos are from Saturday morning (1/17). Again, Christian is in a few shots to give an idea of size.  Those bricks are at the ground level of the basement/first level. 

And yesterday we got to meet some of our future neighbors when their adorable dog ran onto our property. He was a happy friendly dog (a Welsh Spaniel or a mix of one?) and we took him back to his home which wasn't too far away. The new neighbors were happy to see him (his name was Hudson) and seemed excited to meet us and we told them where we were building and when we would *hopefully* be moving in.  I just hope they'll still be pleased about our presence when we are technically their neighbors.

The kids were sad we couldn't bring Hudson home with us. First, even if Hudson didn't already have a home, I can barely handle the life-forms I'm already responsible for in this time of transition. I'm not about to take on a new one.

It Must Be Love....
Considering only two more weeks from now we are graced with the end of football season (yay!), I would hope I would be paying attention to some Valentines Day themes. I finished these Love blocks this weekend and they're off to Texas.

And this is the piece (below) I mentioned briefly in my previous post. I do have a working name for it, but I'm not quite sure yet if that's the one I'm going to go with. 

I took a more traditional approach with the techniques in this one. In some ways the composition without as much intricacy made it easier. In other ways, it was more challenging because I'm having trouble leaving it alone...I want to start drawing all over it! But no... I'm calling it finished. Plus, there is symbolism there that I felt would get muddied if I took my usual approach.

I hope an official scan of the work puts it in a more favorable light as far as focus and the color than this simple snapshot. 

Until Next Time...

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