Saturday, January 17, 2015

This Journey

This Journey...2015
Thursday evening, from my bedroom I heard a commotion out in the family room. I called out, "What's going on out there?!" 

Christian replies, "Normal things...!"

I needed the laugh. Should I have checked on things? Sure. 

Did I? 


Speaking of Christian, the next morning, he received three awards for the second quarter. I showed up with Alexander and HOPED my iPad would keep X-man secure and stationary. No such luck. 

Christian, called up to receive his Honor Roll award
After Christian received the Honors Roll award (which to qualify means you have all As and Bs. Allow me to point out here, that he had all As and only one B. If that one B could have been an A, he'd be on the Principal's Honor Roll....Is he in trouble for that? No. But the B is also a low one. We're trying to figure out what the disparity is and why he has all As and one low B...), Alexander became more and more difficult (yelling OH! loudly when he got caught by monkeys for fell into a ravine playing Temple Run, for example...). Others sitting around us chuckled, but I wasn't finding it as humorous. He was disruptive.

I took a gamble and hoped the Honor Roll was Christian's only award and I relieved everyone of Alexander's presence and we left early. Well, that gamble didn't pay off. When I picked him up a couple of hours later, Christian informed me he received two more awards. He did know why I left (everyone could hear Alexander in the back), and I did make a point to come to the ceremony in the first place. It's just near impossible trying to sit through such events with Alexander. This would also be a good place to mention that Alexander still hasn't made it through a single Sacrament Meeting on Sundays.

This Journey Down Under
I completed the artwork for my customer in Australia (shown above). She had a few requests of what was to be included in it, but for the most part, I was to just do what I wanted. That was exciting, but I was also worried when I presented the finished work to her. I wasn't sure if it was exactly what she wanted, but she loved it. She also loved how the artwork would look on the wallet to accompany it.   

I titled the artwork This Journey. 

Outside of the wallet
Inside of the wallet
In the meantime, I have two block orders in progress, and a 2015 edition of a romantic piece in time for Valentines Day. However, I am using more traditional techniques with this piece. It didn't original set out to be that way, but I knew pretty quick that my usual stylization wouldn't quite make the impact that I had hoped.

More on that in the next post...

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