Friday, January 30, 2015

Seussical Fun and Drizzles

This post has some Seussical Fun, a bit of a Seuss Flashback Friday, and two different kinds "drizzles"...

Drizzle 1
I love winter when it actually happens here. In this case, a long drizzly rain. Christian put this measuring cup out last night. It's still raining, but as of noontime today, that's how much it has filled up. Of course that means no progress is being done on construction of our house today, but I'm confident things will remain on schedule.

Seussical Fun
I love it when Mikelle puts an effort into church related activities! She's usually very reluctant. But this one was up her alley. New Beginnings (held annually every January) had a Dr. Seuss theme and a crazy sock contest.  Mikelle won! She was awarded a pink stuffed sock monkey.

I think there are up to four or five different pairs of socks there to ensure her victory!
I'm sad I'm not in Young Women...It would have been a blast working on the decorations and thematic elements for it. I love the Dr. Seuss designs and motifs. 

I also have two different Cat in the Hat costumes (well, one and a half...technically...but two of the hats for sure), two blue wigs for the Things 1 and 2 and the patches for the Thing 1 and 2 (though at the time, I just sprayed Christian's hair blue) I painted a long time ago for the kids Halloween costumes.  One of the football players at the high school I taught at a few years ago even wore my Cat in the Hat costume when the team went to read to kids at an elementary school.   
Fashionistas with the Seusstacular Socks! Smile Mikelle! It doesn't hurt!
That reminds me...I need to find the DVD "Dr. Seuss on the Loose"...It has a great cartoon of The Sneetches, The Zax and Green Eggs and Ham. We had it on VHS and watched it like crazy. But that tape has since bit the big one. I miss being able to watch it.  I found a DVD on Amazon for $30. That seems a little steep.

Seuss Flashback Friday
Our Dr. Seuss Halloween 2008. Mikelle was 8 and Christian was 4 1/2. 

I tried to get permission to wear my Cat and the Hat costume to work that day, but I taught for a district that didn't recognize the fun in dressing up on Halloween like we enjoyed as children (but even in the mid to late 90s in my early adulthood, I worked at a junior high where they dressed up...) 

Yeah, as the art teacher, I could have made that day so educational too.  There would have been Dr. Seuss books, a reading to go along with it and then an art project to match. :sigh: But that's in the past. I did incorporate Dr. Seuss into some lessons while I worked there. Just not on Halloween.
Ages 4 1/2 and 8
Drizzle 2
And now for the second "drizzle" in this entry. 

I have a question. Let's say your reluctant-with-potty-training 4 year old kid pee'd his pants in the car and some of it also got on his shirt. So you slip into a children's resale store to quickly procure replacement clothes (because stupid you only brought spare underwear).  You take less than 3 minutes to select the clothes (which is an amazing feat within itself since he has a tiny butt and most pants that are long enough fall right off his waist...) and you head over to check out and your wet-with-pee kid is standing right there with his obvious huge wet spot.  In case they didn't catch his big wet spot, you made it clear he pee'd his clothes and your goal is to replace the clothes so you can go about your errands.

So my question is....Is that really the time for the clerk to ask:

"Have your shopped with us before?"

 "Do you have one of our punch cards?"

"A rewards card?"

"I can look you up in the system...what's your last name or phone number?"

Trying not to come off too B-word like, I said, "Can you just take my money so I can change him out of the pee?!"

Geez. Is a simple transaction even possible anymore? Just wondering.

But I get it. There are requirements now in retail. Employees are supposed to ask such questions, even if the person standing there is completely ablaze and they're trying to buy a fire extinguisher.

Just like the simple days of dressing up at school on Halloween, I nostalgically think of the simpler days when you can hand someone your money and buy what you want. Boom. Done. 

The good news is, I believe we're making progress with this potty training thing. The biggest problem was Alexander wouldn't take the initiative.  Now he is doing that a lot more. Can we be diaper free in just a matter of weeks? Days? How great would that be? It was just weeks ago that I wondered if it would ever happen (I figured by the time he would be out of diapers, I would be in them). Now I see some hope.  

Until next time...

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