Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Death of Pinkie Pie...

Sad times around the abode... Sure, Christmas gifts often meet early deaths in January. I think we did lose an octopus part of a boat toy that Alexander received for Christmas.  But today...true heartbreak. Especially if the item was worshiped by a fourteen year old girl. Oh, the drama. 

It looks like Pinkie didn't really make it far into February. Her remains were found earlier today. Click link below for the details:

The Death of Pinkie Pie (click here)

And this probably isn't a good time to show 2-sided blocks with the message Survivor on them. But they were coincidentally shipped out to a customer the same day that Pinkie met her maker; sometime on Groundhog Day.

As I prepare to begin subbing for the district AND tackle some courses to ensure I can renew my teaching certification, I am finding myself "nesting".  Instead of a bun in the oven (heavens, no....), to bring on the energy to clean and organize, the energy is to prepare for a more demanding schedule. I know I won't have as much time to clean around the house and organize things, so I am doing a lot of it now. It's weird, because when I did have the time, I certainly didn't utilize it to the full potential as I am now. It's interesting what can light a fire under our patootie!

Until next time... (more home building progress pictures)

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